Iron Maiden WIP (Heavy Metal Madness) (Read 1302 times)

Started by DWMCrasher98, January 13, 2018, 11:56:39 am
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Iron Maiden WIP (Heavy Metal Madness)
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Hey guys! I just started working on a new and very interesting project! I remember seeing, a few months back, an Iron Maiden inspired stage based off a 90's single called Virus somewhere in the old releases and I thought to myself "What if we could make something 10X better?". Seeing how Iron Maiden are very important to the Rock/Heavy Metal scene and I'm a very huge fan of their music, it would be an honor to create a series of stages and characters based from Iron Maiden (and not only from them, seeing as there are thousands of cool mascots that could play well in MUGEN). Now creating stages wouldn't be such a hassle as they aren't, relatively, too complicated (Maybe the "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" stage could be quite difficult, but there are some snowy and ice stages around or the "Powerslave" stage), but the real problem should be creating an Eddie The Head char. The really difficult problem would be the sprites, because, there aren't any around to be honest! And he would be so perfect for a MUGEN char (having the charisma, the abilites and forms would make it all so lovely). Seeing as I just started thinking about it right now I haven't produced anything yet, but if someone is willing to give me a helping hand, It would be really much appreciated. As I said this is just a series of projects, so if everything is going to be well made... well.. it could become a final full game!
Thanks for the feedback and live on brothers!!!
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