Files Needed Run DosMugen on Modern Computers (Read 700 times)

Started by dxwho, September 18, 2018, 06:17:33 am
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Files Needed Run DosMugen on Modern Computers
New #1  September 18, 2018, 06:17:33 am
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So, I've got a Windows 98 pc which runs all my old DosMugen compilations and full games with no problem whatsoever.  I've always wanted to move those old compilations off that pc and onto my Windows 7 64 bit pc so I can enjoy DosMugen on the big TV I've got it hooked to. It never worked as I would get the "64 bit incompatibility issue" or a message saying I needed "cwsdpmi to run DosMugen."

Fortunately, I have found that a particular version of DosBox called DosBox LFN (supports Long File Names) works perfect (with a little help).
This version of Dosbox has Long File Name Support (without this support you'd have to rename all chars, stages, and whatnot to a max of eight characters and that would be total madness to do for a large collection like mine). In addition to using this special version of DosBox, you also have to download an executable called cwsdpmi.exe into the same folder as the DosMugen executable. It stands for Charles W Sandmann Dos Protected Mode Interface (I've included it in the download).

Everything seemed great until I noticed that 10% of my files would crash DosMugen using this system with an "Out of Memory Error." The Characters that were causing these crashes were the ones with the fat sff and sound files such as the Street Fighter 3 and Guilty Gear Dos Characters. Also, the one full game that also crashed was "Twisted Fate" by Kris Kazmer (also a huge memory hog).

It turns out that what I had to do was use a program called cwsparam.exe (which comes with cwsdpmi.exe) in order to modify the cwsdpmi.exe to get it to allocate more memory for these larger files.

I successfully modified the following attributes in the cwsdpmi executable using cwsparam.exe through dosbox:
(bold items are the new values I changed to)

Full Name Paging File ("" to disable) ? [c:\cwsdpmi.swp]
Number of page tables to initially allocate (0=auto) ? (0)
Minimum application memory desired before 640k paging? [512 kb]
Paragraphs of Dos memory to reserve when 640k paging? [3840]
Paragraphs of Dos memory for extra cwsdpmi internal heap? [256]
Maximum size of swap file? [128mb]
Value of run option flags? (0)

Now 100% of my DosMugen compilations and full games work and I'd like to share my files so everyone can get their old DosMugen stuff working (If you use a different method let me know.....)

Here is the link to the file containing all that needed:
This file contains:
1)DosBox LFN
2) Twisted Fate Fullgame (to test the system out). Full credit to Kris Kazmer, Marc Echave, and Antonio Brown. Since its such a memory hog, it makes for a good "test game." :D
3)cwsdpmi.exe(already modified) and cwsparam.exe (these files must be placed in the folder containing the Dos Mugen executable that you'd like to run using DosBox LFN (I've already placed them in the Twisted Fate Folder).

Steps to run Dos Twisted Fate Fullgame:
1) Drop tfate3 folder in your c:
2) Install DosBox LFN
3) Replace your DosBox.conf with the one I created (I upped the memory and set it to look for the tfate3 folder in c:)
4) Launch DosBox LFN (will start you off in the tfate3 folder) then simply type "mugen" to launch the dosmugen exe
5) Enjoy DosMugen on a modern pc.

If anyone uses other methods to run DosMugen on modern PC's, let me know!

To run other compilations/fullgames using DosBox LFN, you must change the path located in dosbox.conf (scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the file). Also, don't forget to drop cwsdpmi.exe in the folder with your dosmugen executable.
Edit: It's also important to set your mugen.cfg a certain way:
Under [Video]
width =640
height = 480
depth = 16
stretch = 1
doubleres = 0
vesamode =1

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Re: Files Needed Run DosMugen on Modern Computers
#2  September 18, 2018, 03:56:14 pm
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I don't use DosMugen anymore but you did a great job, impressive.
Re: Files Needed Run DosMugen on Modern Computers
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i love reverse engineering
Re: Files Needed Run DosMugen on Modern Computers
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"Twisted Fate" by Kris Kazmer
What a blast from the past. I've talked with Kazmer some months ago. He has a gameplay youtube channel today.