MUGEN Standards of Damage Explanation (Read 2502 times)

Started by DAN_HIBIKI, May 22, 2014, 11:27:09 pm
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MUGEN Standards of Damage Explanation
#1  May 22, 2014, 11:27:09 pm
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Possibly wrong place, or unnecessary information, i don't care.

I didn't done anything for around the whole year! I didn't even started to make any characters! Bad me! So now i want to do something useful already!

Here ah gunna tell you 'bout one thing that is called MUGEN Standars of Damage.

And by standard damage i meant value the other damage values are set around.

So let's get started!

We discuss basic attacks first. I won't tell you the standards of damage of original attacks and combos, because these can have an entirely different values.
In MUGEN, there are these standard values of damage:
Light attacks have 20, Medium, if any(Think Street Fighter Series. Now think KOF.), have 40, and for Hard attacks it's 60. Unless your char is big bulky brute with gaint muscles or Hugo-sized mammoth with low reflexes, the damage standarts will stay like that.
Oh and a thing about KOF: There a thing called Blow Attack, a mechanique that included in every KOF game, ever. It's standart damage in MUGEN, although Blow Attack damage almost never changes, stand on 60 or 80, but i prefer the latter.
For characters of Hugo kind, there is alternative standarts of damage desing specifically for their bulky attacks with poor speed(frame advantage, starting frames...). Light attacks have value of 30, Medium have 60, and Hard have 90.

Throws have their standart damage value of 100, but Throw damage seldom goes below that value and much more often goes above.

Now here we go to Special and Power Moves! They're sure will be interesting, as they may be come in various, different forms. In MUGEN, the standart Special and Power Moves have the following standards of damage:
Standart one-hit Special has 100 damage. This is also true for Reversal-type Specials, wihch many also call Counter Specials. Standart projectile(Think Hadou Ken!) has 60 damage. The Button-Mash Special(Hyakku Retsu Kyaku type) stands on around 20 or 25(It's hard to tell on which exaclty. I've never seen char with MUGEN standarts of damage with HRK-type Special). And Special Throws have value of 150, or 175 for Full Circle Throws. I can't say much about multi-hit Specials, nor i can say about MAX versions. Rekkas are a thing that is tricky to have their standarts of damage be explained, so i'll leave 'em too.
Level 1 Power Moves have their standart damage value stand on 200, regardless of being single-hit, multi-hit(total damage shown for that kind of supers), or projectiles. Similarly, damage standarts for Level 2 Power Moves are 300 or 350, and for Level 3 Supers are 500.

Congratulations to you for reading this topic and possibly learning something about MUGEN Standarts of Damage. And congratulations to me for writing up this topic and explaining all that nonsense.

Fun fact: I can't remain silent about problems of M.U.G.E.N, or the entire Gameworld, but i can't say about them without it turning into shitpost.

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Re: MUGEN Standards of Damage Explanation
#2  May 23, 2014, 08:04:04 am
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Damage is subjective based on game move and character. A 2 hit basic may deal far less than a normal heavy with a single hit, but the second hit will cause it to deal more.

Special the damage also varies in terms of how fast the move comes out and its overall usefulness to the character. The only standard you can put in play will be that a close range throw will always deal more than a standard special.

A level 3 screen crossing unblockable will deal less damage than a level 3 close range can block it if you like. Some supers can even deal 0 damage because they are designed to stun or drain power rather than hurt.

There are no real rules around this. The only belief i have that unless you're doing game accuracy, no made up level 3 super should deal more than 500 damage.

In M.U.G.E.N there is no magic button

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Re: MUGEN Standards of Damage Explanation
#3  May 23, 2014, 05:17:09 pm
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Indeed i mentioned that basic attacks and Specials deal various damage, and i also mentioned that they stay around this specific value.

And i also mentioned that standarts of damage only applied to standart Specials and Supers. Non-standart things, like Stun Gun Headbutt by Alex, will never follow that rule.

But there is one thing you are right on: I did forgot to mention damage standarts of Special Throws and Full Circle Special Throws. I think i should add that.
Fun fact: I can't remain silent about problems of M.U.G.E.N, or the entire Gameworld, but i can't say about them without it turning into shitpost.

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Re: MUGEN Standards of Damage Explanation
#4  May 25, 2014, 09:34:25 am
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Every game is different. If you are going for accuracy, use the damages from the source game. If you're going for a "standard" it's going to be harder to do and a lot more complicated than that. My expertise is Fatal Fury games and hell, even similar ones like RB2 and RBS have drastically different damage standards.

Edit: Just to give an example, "S Power" moves which are basically level 1 specials do 50% damage, in RBS, when the opponent is at full health. "P Power" which are level 2/3 do even more. It's less than that in RB2.