My power rules worlds! Oni Movelist (Read 1949 times)

Started by Prime SC, April 22, 2014, 08:38:37 pm
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My power rules worlds! Oni Movelist
#1  April 22, 2014, 08:38:37 pm
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So i was thinking that since no one is man enough to do the sprites for oni yet(Joke) i was thinking of coming up wuth a different movelist and possibly different stance.

Like Felo_llop said hes to akumaish. When i think oni i envision power.. more vicious, ruthless.. rage.. fearless, Angry afterall that is his title.. Oni. I kind of have an idea of what i wanna do instead of the "shoryuken" copy. Like i said in my commission thread i wanna make it a dashing slash upwards, followed by another one upwards and the last slash downwards creating a bouncing effect. Sumthing different. I wanna change his asura warp to. Make it so he disappears sorta like the yoga port but more smexy. I want ideas on his movelist so when i get a spriter everyyhing ll be ready. How should the tatsamaki look? Different variation of the raging demon? Taunt? Anything i want all ideas.