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Started by FeLo_Llop, January 05, 2016, 07:04:05 pm
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This comes from my WIP Topic at:;topicseen#msg2202313's been 9 months from my last post and...not a lot of advance D:. Spent the whole summer working(two jobs, restaurant waiter and pub waiter), then moved to the city for a deeper workhunting, which I succeed...but I could not take my PC with me, so I just can sprite during the weekends. That's the reason why I'm soooooo slow now.

Nearly not a lot of advance in Ash and Maxima, mostly because I gave a higher priority to someone...Why? Because it's a paid comission. I have now all his gethtis finished(CvS standar, just did an electro and a MvC because it was required by the comissioners), but I don't discard making some other custom in the future(MB or Chip KO, for example). I'm trying to keep a sprite account similar to CvS standars, but I totally suck at doing animated GIFs.

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

I haven't posted all of the sprites...some of these are unfinished. And yes, it's buffed in purpose. Another thing is, YES, it's a mix between his in-game appearance(French flag in his legs) and in his early artwork one(French flag in his shoulders)

Well...this said...

The next step is start a crowdfunding for helping both comissioners and an extra stimulus for me to keep going with this.

Of course, Maxima, Ash, Viper and whoever next goes are not forgotten. Just centered my efforts in Abel.

Have a nice day!
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YES YES YEEEESSS!!!  :flipout:  :flipout:

Oh God, I can't tell you how happy I am about this, and I seriously can't wait to see how it goes. Best of luck!! :D

EDIT: For the stance, maybe you could look at Orochi Yashiro, he has something similar to Abel's stance, but at a different angle.
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Wow the sprite are great
loving the separation
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Haha what a beatiful sprites,your already see chucho ones?maybe can help you.
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- ZaitsuHatter: Already considered that and tried, but lower leg got too long :/. I'll have to handle it in another way :/
- City_Hunter: Thanks man!
- RoneyNero: Obrigado. Ja olhei...but his sprites and mine are TOTALLY different. He uses Joe and Ryu for making Abel and I use Abel for making Abel. I'd spend more time fixing and correcting the whole char coming from Chucho(not in a negative way) than making it this way.