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Started by FrantzX, February 23, 2009, 04:11:31 pm
Build 22950 (2/23)
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Get it here!

Bug Fixes & Additions:
Bug Fix - Small problem reading triggers when they were out of order in .cns file.
Bug Fix - 'TargetVelSet' controller was incorrectly setting velocity.
Bug Fix - Persistent state controllers. Once again the documentation was wrong.
Bug Fix - Crash bug after winning enough rounds to end combat.
Bug Fix - Odd timing bug with crouching.
Bug Fix - Parsing error with 'TeamMode' trigger.
Bug Fix - Issue with 'PrevStateNo' trigger with characters with no previous state. (usually helpers)
Bug Fix - Issue when AllPalFx & PalFx modified a character palette.
Bug Fix - 'TargetState' controller did not place target in foreign state.
Bug Fix - Using 'PalFx' controller for grayscale did not work.
Bug Fix - Using 'AfterImage' controller for grayscale did not work.
Bug Fix - 'Name', 'P1Name', 'P2Name', 'P3Name', & 'P4Name' did not correctly do case insensitive comparisons.
Bug Fix - Hit Priority. I had it reversed.
Improvement - Physics handling. Not yet perfect.
Improvement - Combat engine.
Added - Air Jumps
Added - 'SprPriority' state controller.
Added - 'HitOverride' state controller.

EDIT: For the next version:
Bug Fix - Crash when two buttons are pressed at the same time during menus.
Bug Fix - Rewrote placement code for explods, helpers & projectiles. Should fix a lot of issues with where things are drawn.
Bug Fix - 'HitShakeOver' trigger.
Bug Fix - Helpers with 'KeyControl' == true could not read the player's keyboard when the player was paused.
Bug Fix - Bind behavior. (TargetBind, BindToParent, etc.)
Bug Fix - 'AngleDraw' did not always rotate around the correct point.
Bug Fix - 'Offset' state controller did not reset each tick.
Bug Fix - 'HitOverride' never ticks down, so it never times out.
Bug Fix - 'HitBy' & 'NotHitBy' state controllers did not do anything.
Bug Fix  - Target list management.
Bug Fix - 'AnimElem' trigger when animation was looping.
Bug Fix - "HitVelSet' state controller did not take facing into account correctly.
Improvement - Sprites load faster. Shorter waiting times when going from versus screen to combat.
Improvement - Physics handling. Nearly perfect.
Improvement - Sound stops when game is paused.
Added - Juggling System.
Added - 'TicksPerSecond' trigger. (Always returns 60)
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#2  February 23, 2009, 08:15:11 pm
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Oh blast, i have work and can't look at this for about 9 hours. Shouldn't have got on the net this morning. On the bonus side, something to look forward to.

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#3  February 24, 2009, 12:28:29 am
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  • Sand Splash FX still look like dust... I'll show a screen below to show what I mean.
  • No problems with Please Help Me! as far as I can see!
  • HitOverride seems to have problems with the hitspark of the hit that was overridden. Select P-Groove and make Felicia parry a move in xnaMUGEN and compare it to what happens in regular MUGEN to see what I mean. Probably an issue with pause or something.

Also, still seems to have an error selecting a mode with two buttons. I know it's unlikely to happen, but it's something that should probably be fixed.
Spoiler: Error (click to see content)

Also, Sand Splash FX. MUGEN's is on the left, xnaMUGEN's is on the right.
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#4  February 24, 2009, 01:29:03 am
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Good to see that Felicia is working better with every update. You're doing a great job, FrantzX. Loving what you're doing for the creation scene. :thumbsup:

Can't wait until I get my new video card so I can actually test xnaMugen with my characters, as some of them use some peculiar tactics and coding as well (hell, if anyone wants to volunteer, be my guest and consult my sig :P).

Keep up the great work man. ;D

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#5  February 24, 2009, 02:32:13 am
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Also, still seems to have an error selecting a mode with two buttons. I know it's unlikely to happen, but it's something that should probably be fixed.
Re: Build 22950 (2/23)
#6  March 03, 2009, 11:12:31 am
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Link by Mike Werewolf

I just found this incredibly complicated character and am currently using it for bug fixing.

While Link does crash the currently released version of xnaMugen, he does mostly work on my development version. I will release a new version of xnaMugen once I have Link fully working.

EDIT: Progress...
FIXED: Inventory Screen
FIXED: Hookshot
FIXED: Jumped Sword Slash (with HP)
FIXED: Divine Roll
FIXED: Biggoron's Combo
FIXED: Time Song
FIXED: Nayru's Love
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Re: Build 22950 (2/23)
#7  March 03, 2009, 04:19:18 pm
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Get sorrowedge's sagat and chin, those had some custom code that might be good for testing.

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#8  March 04, 2009, 04:15:02 pm
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Yeah, Link is one of the most complicated Mugen chars. Make sure the XP system works perfectly too. :)
One thing though (for future reference) : in DOS Mugen, in Arcade Mode, when you chose to continue after loosing a fight, you'd automatically have the same char, and the variables for the char weren't reset, so the XP system worked perfecty in the long run. In Winmugen, however, continuing leads you to the select screen, and even if you chose Link again, since the variables are reset, you loose all the XP and items/accessories you've gained from the previous fights.
Any way you can fix that ? (Something like Continue, Continue with same char, Quit maybe ?)

To test other complicated character try to find :
- Dhalsims (Dhalsim with clones) by NRF
- NES Guy by Bia. She has a strange way of coding the CMD, and uses advanced maths in her coding (Bezier curves comes to mind for her SF2Nes Akuma)
Re: Build 22950 (2/23)
#9  March 04, 2009, 06:03:48 pm
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Can you supply links for those characters?

Also, I have Link pretty much working 100%. I can't test the buying system, however, because xnaMugen doesn't have Arcade Mode yet.
Re: Build 22950 (2/23)
#10  March 04, 2009, 06:12:43 pm
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Yep, I couldn't at the time. Here we go :

Dhalsims (new one) :
SF2Nes :

I don't remember where NES Guy by Bia is, you may want to send her a PM (she hangs here). SF2Nes is a fullgame, so I'm not sure about the fact you can use the char correctly. You should be able to I think. You may want to extract Shenlong and test if his commands react properly. If it's the case, perform his Super where he throws several dragon fireballs : they use Bezier curves for their trajectory.