EVE Screenpack Mugen Window (Read 1531 times)

Started by Kiryuken, January 01, 2008, 09:36:33 am
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EVE Screenpack Mugen Window
#1  January 01, 2008, 09:36:33 am
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Is There Any Way To Put The EVE Screenpack To 320x240? When I Tried I came Up To Zoomed In, Heres What My Video Win Looks Like When I Change It...

[Video Win]
 ;Enter the width and height of the resolution you want to set here.
 ;The optimal resolution is 320x240, but if your video card has problems
 ;You may want to try 320x240
Width  = 320
Height = 240

 ;This is the color depth at which to run MUGEN. You should set it to
 ;16 bit color unless your video card has problems with it.
 ;16-fastest, 24,32-slower, 8-slowest/worst
Depth = 16

 ;Set this parameter to 0 to disable screen stretching, and set it to 1 if
 ;you want to scale it up to fit the current resolution.
Stretch = 1

 ;Set this parameter to use a resolution-doubling filter. You will
 ;need a fast machine to use these filters. You will need to increase
 ;the screen resolution to at least 640x480 for these modes.
 ;0 - off
 ;1 - diagonal edge detection
 ;2 - bilinear filtering
 ;3 - horizontal scanlines
DoubleRes = 0

 ;DirectX mode
 ;Choose from Hardware, Software, Windowed, Overlay, Safe and None
 ;Hardware and Software run in full-screen. Windowed and Overlay
 ;run in a window. The windowed modes require you to set Depth to
 ;whatever color depth you are using for you desktop. The best results
 ;are when you run in 16-bit color. There is no advantage to running
 ;in 32-bit color. If Hardware, Software and Windowed fail, try Safe.
 ;None uses GDI to draw, so it's very slow. Use None only if
 ;you cannot get anything else to work.
 ;Overlay is not supported by all video cards, but can be faster than
 ;Windowed if it works.
DXmode = Windowed

 ;Set to 1 to enable vertical retrace synchronization. Do not enable
 ;if BlitMode = PageFlip.
VRetrace = 0

 ;Drawing mode
 ;Choose from Normal and PageFlip
BlitMode = PageFlip
Re: EVE Screenpack Mugen Window
#2  January 02, 2008, 04:07:30 pm
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disable stretch
Re: EVE Screenpack Mugen Window
#3  January 03, 2008, 01:56:00 am
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Nah It Didnt Work, It Was Still Zoomed In.