Kind of tempted to get back into mugen (Read 1002 times)

Started by Lost_Avenger, September 13, 2018, 02:07:41 am
Kind of tempted to get back into mugen
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So I kind of killed CFJ2 since I didnt have the time to code and the roster was mostly becoming SF anyway. I went back(had to dig through like 7 different versions of my wips on 3 different computers(one of which has a swelled battery and a bad cable end so the battery wont charge and the cable will just randomly pop out and kill it)) and started bringing my old wips together in one folder. I think I'm going to release my old stuff with some patches soon. So far I've only got Ryu and Nash up to date, but they still have a lot of leftover code from the various projects I was messing with. Which brings me to why I'm posting here.

The system I'm using is a mix of my old LA system with a bit of the CFJ2 system. It still has the full game stuff(depending on when the characters were cancelled, some had more) like guard crush, stun, custom combo, etc. I'm kind of tempted to clean them up and just remove the extra stuff, but I was using a config file with Cody and Elena when I made/released them(I think I released Cody anyway?) so would you guys want the config file option? I kind of dont feel like doing update patches for optional system stuff honestly.

As far as what I would be patching/releasing, everything would likely be released in edits. While some of my stuff had original sffs and snd files, a lot of my stuff had borrowed resources. Im not a big fan of releasing my stuff when versions exist that I feel are better than mine, but I still like making them. I have a list.

Technically done, but need patches:
S.Gouki(kind of iffy on him honestly)

Alex(about halfway done. most of his specials are done)
Alpha Chun-Li(pretty early in. I stopped part way through cause I saw and sff I wanted to use.)
Blanka(up to supers)
Boxer(just an sff and he would probably take some time since I dont like his sfa3 arcade hitboxes)
Gouki(had a couple supers left)
Juni(old as balls. Was originally going to be a pots style side character. Up to specials)
T.Hawk(not very far honestly. I didnt have a decent way to get timings from alpha 3 for him without killing my harddrive with thousands of screenshots)
Elena(halfway done)
Feilong(technically half way, but same problem as T.Hawk)
Yun(was on his last super, but didnt like his juggles)
Rose(technically on specials, but stopped cause I was torn on where to go with her)
Alpha Ryu and Alpha Ken(technically I called them "young" when I originally started them. While they are just sffs, I could throw them together pretty fast since alpha is easy to make characters from. Ken was going to borrow a little from the vs side with his ex moves though.)

everyone else is either just a sprite sheet or is an existing base that was being prepped at one point of another. I quit my old job and this new one gives me a lot more off days(literally half the month with the same pay). I'm working on moving up the next rung so when the training for that starts in a couple weeks, I may be less active for a month or so. So it is kind of up to you guys if you want this to be a thing or not. I'm still going to make them either way. Id be targeting the ones that just need patches first and then move on to the ones almost done next. I might patch my CFJ2 characters later as well so they can be usable fully outside of the main game.

I had to remove a lot of system stuff to get them to function outside of my mugen. Kind of forgot how much extra crap I added to them. I tested them for a bit in mostly com vs com stuff since that seems to be where I find the weird bugs more often. I havent made readmes yet and these are probably alphas

thanks again Vans/Jesuszilla!
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Re: Kind of tempted to get back into mugen
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Next is going to be Vega(Dictator). Then probably Chun-Li. I'm still a bit iffy on this counter system since it has some funny issues/effects. You can sort of have an air to air battle instead of a ground one if you can manage to land counter hits enough in the air. Im probably going to adjust my air tech state if I change my mind on it. The other two were updated since I noticed Ryu was gaining meter on certain ex moves. I also changed how my alpha counter system worked because of the weird recovery that kept happening. The AI on all 3 is pretty bad since I'm not super focused on it atm. In theory, I have a 3 day weekend next week so I'll try to get both done then.

One more side thing, I may be getting a promotion. Kind of iffy, but I was recommended and the other 2 already got their physicals so I would be next in line. Earliest would probably be next week if I hear anything. I'd shadow for a week or two before going into training so I'd be losing my half the month off status for about 5 weeks. After that, I'll be looking at a $5 an hour raise so yay me

I think I may grab H's sff instead of the one I made a long time ago for Sagat. I think I prefer the alpha 3 set scaled instead of the already scaled set I started with(Cammy and Sakura have the same type of spriteset. I made them so long ago that I dont remember where I got the rips from. Probably kong? I was half asleep when I did the last update so I missed a lot of crap on Sagat. For some reason, half of his ai was accidentally varsets instead of changestates. His AI is still terrible, but at least it does things now)

I'm redoing a couple things on Vega. I didn't like the way that I did his fx(ripped em straight from waru's code and all) so I went back and merged all of the helpers he made into one. The one statedef is rather large now since I had to do some dumb things cause I suck at coding. I am probably just going to scrap a lot of my old sffs and just use existing ones honestly. These are mostly just edits anyway

Edit: Reuploaded cause I screwed up a couple things on accident. Sagat's throw input was messed up and Nash could have infinite sonic booms on the screen.

thanks again Vans/Jesuszilla!
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