Creamy Goodness character: Complete overhaul (Read 665 times)

Started by Creamy_Goodness, July 11, 2013, 09:15:19 am
Creamy Goodness character: Complete overhaul
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> About two years ago, I was working on a Creamy Goodness character, which as the name implies, was going to be a fighting game version of me. This character was going to have a pseudo Ken / Ryu fighting style, since he was going to have the classic projectile, body launch kick, and dragon punch type attacks.

> Old thread -

> I have now decided to abandon the character, and instead make a new version of Creamy with a new set of moves. I haven't determined all of the details yet, but Creamy's new style will be based on different forms of candy. The Skittles Rush, which is a hyper-aggressive alternate state that results from a sugar rush after Creamy chugs a jumbo size bag of Skittles, will still be part of the character. However, most of the attacks will be changed to make them candy based attacks as well. Some possible attacks I could implement might be as follows...

- An Atomic FireBall that's thrown like a Super Mario Brothers fireball.
- A Pez dispenser machine gun.
- Creamy could smash his opponent with a giant candy cane.
- A lemon Warhead that's lobbed like a grenade and explodes on impact.
- A Pixie Stick blowgun that makes the opponent dizzy.
- Creamy could take two seconds to eat a Jolly Rancher, which boosts his energy level by one stock (1000 points).
- A super where Creamy opens an umbrella and says, "I love it when it Twizzles", and then it start raining Twizzlers.
- The spirit bomb-like ultimate attack can stay, but it could be changed into a giant multi-layered jawbreaker that explodes once for each layer.

> That's all the candy based attacks I can think of for now. If anyone can think of anything else, please let me know.

> BTW, I've decided to change not only the Creamy Goodness character, but my method of character making as well. I will now try the coding first, substituting the eventual sprites with simple stick figures, since they are easy to draw. Once all, or at least most of the coding is done, I can then swap out the stick figure sprites with real, polished sprites one by one. The sprites of my characters may not be as smoothly animated as before, but I'm hoping that I can complete my characters much faster with this new, experimental method.
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