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Proposed Project - The King of Fighters -I (Negative One)
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It's been a long time since I last stepped in here... But I returned to plan a proposed project...

It's called "The King of Fighters -I" (-I is read as Negative One).

Nothing much said of this project yet. But since I'm still studying character coding for MUGEN (creating AIR files might require assistance for now) by reading some KOF tutorials, a lazy bastard at a same time and some uncontrollable factors (real life, power outages, etc.) . I turn this proposed project Open Source and with a Infinite Development Time Frame.

I admit, I'm a good planner but not a good coder (yet...) ...

The only thing I could contribute in this project do so far is Palettes and Sound Editing. Yes, I am currently doing initial palettes for the characters. (Currently 8 of 35 Character's palette set done)

But I need inputs for this proposed project...

OK, to start things up...

KOF -I is something I came up with due to Dream Matches, KOF themed MUGEN (KOFZ, KOFM, etc...) and that Chinese KOF Copy... Yet, I'll try something different...

Fighting Engine
The fighting engiine is based on KOF '98's Advanced Mode (with a few elements taken from '98 UM such as Quick Rolls). However the power gauge I am using for KOF -I is from SVC Chaos instead.

Backstep - b, b
Dash (Running) - f, f
Throw Escape (during Throw) - b/f + HP/HK
Evasive Move (Forward) - n/f + LP+LK
Evasive Move (Backward) -  b + LP+LK
Recovery Roll -  b/n + LP+LK (while falling)
Forward Recovery Roll - f + LP+LK (while falling)
Knockdown - HP+HK
Guard Cancel Evasion    - (blocking) b/n/f + LP+LK (0.5 stock)
Guard Cancel Knockdown  - (blocking) HP+HK (0.5 stock)
Guard Cancel Forward Step - (blocking) f, f (0.25 stock)
Guard Cancel Forward Step - (blocking) LK+HP (0.5 stock)
Quick Evasion - (during attack) LP+LK (0.25 stock)

Also, I am not sure how to implement this in MUGEN, but... I am adopting SF3's selectable Super Art system where you select 1 of 3 Super Arts. The only difference is the characters also have a "Fixed" Super Art which is the Super Art they can only use by default regardless of the Super Art being used.  In SSF4 Lingo, Fixed = Super, Selectable = Ultra

Example I'll use is Leona

Her V-Slasher is her Fixed Super Art.
Her Selectable Art
SA1 Rebel Spark (MAX)
SA2 Gravity Storm
SA3 Grateful Dead

MAX only Super Arts require 3 power stocks. If the Super Art have a MAX version, it uses 2 buttons. If it's MAX Only it only uses 1 button.

However, if the Selectable Super Art System is not liked well, I could drop it and use the 2002-style DM system instead.

Initial Characters I planned to have: 35 with which version will be used (But might be reduced if things don't go as planned)
Japan Team
Kyo ('98 Version with his 182 from SVC Chaos and his 2002 HSDM/MAX2 with a different startup animation)
Benimaru ('98 Version with his Gen'ei Hurricane from '99 and his '98 UM Super)
Daimon ('98 Version, his point blank throw is now a special, with his 2002UM version of his HSDM and his XIII NeoMAX)
Fatal Fury Team
Terry (2002 Version with his Buster Wolf from SVC Chaos)
Andy ('99 Version, his Dam Breaker's input is the '95 Version with his EX version's '98 Super, his '98 UM EX version only move (the one where he grabs you and bombs you after) and his XIII NeoMAX)
Joe ('99 Version with his LDM from 2003)
Art of Fighting Team
Ryo (2002 UM Version with his '98 qcb+P (his new qcb +P is in NGBC motion, hcb + P), '98 Autocombo special and a new Super using his HSDMs Finishing animation)
Robert ('98 Version except his qcf + P is taken from his EX Version instead and with Gen'ei Kyaku and his Somersault Justice-style super from KOF 2000)
Takuma (fusion of his '98 and '99 Versions with his 2002 HSDM)
Ikari Team
Leona ('99 Version with her ground X-Calibur and Gravity Storm super from KOF '98)
Ralf (2000 Version except his Ralf Kick is in '98 input (has a low version ala 2001 and is done charge b, df +K) and his 2002 HSDM with its 2002UM follow-up)
Clark (2002 UM Version except losing his Rolling Sphere HSDM in favor of his Gatling Super from XI and his Napalm Strike from '98UM)
Psycho Soldier Team
Athena ('98 UM Version with her LDM from XI)
Kensou ('98 Costume, XI move set with his Multi hit super from '99 and HSDM from 2002)
Bao (2002 UM Version)
Kim Team
Kim (fusion of his '98 and '99 Version with his XIII NeoMAX)
Jhun (2002 UM Version with his 2003 LDM)
May (2002 Version with a couple of moves regained from 2001 and in 2002 UM inputs has Halfway versions of two of her supers to accommodate her super arts)
Women Fighters Team
King ('99 Version with her '98 UM EX Surprise Rose Super and her 2002 UM HSDM)
Mai ('98 Normal Version with her 2003 super)
Yuri (fusion of her '99 and 2002 Versions, except her Chou Knuckle's input is now hcb + P)
K' Team
K' (fusion of his XI and 2002 UM Versions)
Maxima (2002 UM version, lost his HSDM in favor of his XIII NeoMAX)
Whip (fusion of her XI and 2002 UM Versions)
Yagami Team
Iori (XIII EX moveset, except his MAX Ya Otome is the '98 Version and his Saika is a separate move)
Mature ('98 Version with her Ebony Tears promoted as a Super and her 2002 HSDM)
Vice ('98 Stance, 2002 Moveset with her Drying Fetus from '98 UM)
Arch-rivals Team
Angel ("over-simplified" version, lost her Unchain Circle)
Eiji (XI Version with some '98 UM elements (Kunai move and SDM Mantis Fist) and a borrowed Super from Zantetsu (actually, his '98 UM Projectile SDM done in reverse) and new throws)
Billy (fusion of his Normal and EX '98 Versions)
Agent Team
Vanessa (2002 Version with a new Super based from her Champion Puncher Dream Cancel animation from XI)
Seth (2002 UM Version)
Ramon (2002 (UM?) Version)
Edit Characters
Shingo (fusion of his '98 and 2001 Versions with his LDM from 2003/XI)
Kula  (fusion of her XI and 2002 UM Versions)

Special Characters (Yagami and Shiranui are Open Source if anyone is interested to create these characters for regular MUGEN)
Kusanagi (2002 UM Version with Kyo-2's HSDM)
"Yagami" (fusion of Iori's '98 and '99 Versions, his MAX Ya Otome is the '99 Version and uses K9999's voice)
"Shiranui" (fusion of Mai's EX '98 and 2002 UM Versions with her LDM from XI)

Final Boss

This is where I want to do something... It's not Rugal... but an original one (I called it "Sybil", but for the design this is we need to talk thoroughly)
My version (a SF Seth/Alpha-152-style Kula Clone with Ash's Throws/Commands/Supers, but Specials taken from Terry/Andy/Joe/Mai/Ryo/Robert/Yuri/Takuma, yep, she's... just think of Saiki's boss form in XIII...)

If not, I plan another Boss
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

The final boss designs of mine seems to have been inspired from Kula Clones in MUGEN =P...

But I want sharing ideas for the final boss which I think is better than mine.

I make the discussion Interactive for further inputs and this planned project Open Source in case I lose interest in the future (hope not). Also the development time frame is infinite so that everyone have time, especially me (a MUGEN devlopment n00b), to work on this.

First thing to do in the future is the Screenpack (probably if once I'm done with the palettes)...
I'm often busy with other things, so I rarely post.
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