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Started by Cyanide, March 02, 2013, 10:54:06 am
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This came up in IRC. And i have kinda wanted to do something like it for a while, i would prefer to see what the general reception is before i start. The idea is to create a character that does not really fight. And all sprites are in fact text of the sctrl in use, in Courier New. For example, you would do a command, the sprite would become "VelSet" and would begin to move across the stage, you could then do another command and get VelAdd as a sprite, and the character would speed up. That sort of thing.

Some right now i am at sort of a loss on how to display graphically and wouldn't want to continue until i can work these out.

AssertSpecial > NoWalk, i'm unsure how to portray this unless i actually include a walk in some way. This would probably have to be defined by a couple of sprites labeled Standing and Walking... meh

All the varset stuff, i have no idea how i can actually show this off. I suppose i could use it alongside angledraw maybe. Ideas on these?

Clsn2's will mostly not be in play, except when hitoverride is activated, this will let me into fallenvshake as well as the hitfall stuff. Hitdef will exist. But mostly to show off all the target sctrls. Basically it will be able to win a fight, but that's not quite what you're trying to do. Also, lack of clsn2's would probably make it amazingly cheap.

Thoughts? Good idea? Incredibly stupid (well, yes, but i don't really feel like editing for shuma and this may get me back to working)

Sprites are already made although not seperated on the sheets yet.

Edit: I have come up with an idea for the varset stuff. Still need something for nowalk though.

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Cyanide, with all due respect, this sounds like a horrible idea.