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Started by Syokool, December 17, 2010, 07:52:35 pm
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KOF XI with Tag System v1.0
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Previously I posted the beta of this game, now that I finally get the mostly of permissions, I can upload the first release of this game. If you want to know more about it, visit:

How to play:
Each character is able of increase the power bar to maximum 5 power stocks.
All characters share one only common1.cns and general.cmd in the data folder. This is necessary to the tag system and the coding of other stuff like counter! crush!, damage dampener, winner screens and juggle system. The last one is special since Kof XI hasn’t a juggle system so we can play matches 3 on 3, because this other coding regulate the game; stun meters and skill bars. The button configuration for all characters is the following:

                                   X   Y   Z
Left          Right
                                 A   B   C

X = Punch                  A = Kick
Y = Strong Punch      B = Strong Kick
Z = E                         C = N/A

All leader moves use the “E” button, “C” button is been coding with Block evade, Down evade y evade functions.

The tag command has some alternatives as the original KOF XI:

Change:         X+Y  or   A+B
Saving Shift:         X+Y,   A+B  or   D, F, X+Y    or    D, F, A+B
Quick Shift:         X+Y,   A+B  or   D, F, X+Y    or    D, F, A+B

Change is the normal change of players as Kof 2003. Saving Shift allows to take out a character when he is being hit as soon as he is hit, at the cost of one power stock. Quick Shift doesn’t need any power stock.

Each player has his/her own winner screen with Spanish win quotes from KOF Stadium. If someone wants to help me doing the sprites for an English version, please contact me:D.

By syokool

If you win with KO, the game pauses like the original game and according with the last move will appear cartels: S.FINISH, SS.FINISH and L.FINISH.

By syokool

By syokool

By syokool

In the end will appears "winner p1" or "winner p2" cartels according with the side of the winner team, also perfect cartel will appear bellow winner cartel if you win by perfect.

By syokool

By syokool
You can see a combo announcer which displays the words NICE, GOOD y GREAT depending of the type of combo and the number of hits.

There are 10 matches you have to win; the first three with normal teams, fourth versus middle bosses like Adelheid, Hayate, Gai, Jazu and Silver. The fifth, sixth and seventh match against normal teams again, the ninth and tenth versus Shion and Magaki respectly.
You can see that in simul mode and simul mode the last two matches, you have to fight against one boss (Shion and Magaki) but in turns mode, if you choose to play versus 2 or 3 players, you will have to play against two or three Shions or Magakis in the end XD.

It game has a survival mode like the endless of Kof XI, one practice option in order you can practice the moves of a character after play with it.

There are in progress cut scenes like the animation before playing the 4 match, after it, before and after play versus Shion and a Credits animation.

Well, this is all for now. I will add more about the game later. The next stuff is in progress (I do my own codes except for some stuff I mentioned before): Stun! System, Score system, Skill bars, Change some chars as The KoopaKoot’s Athena, Jin’s Kyo-XI and other things I don’t remember now XD.

If you have this document I ask you to contact me if you find bugs or other kind of problems related to the game. With your help, I can upload a better version of this game for your (and me).

I was trying to include some moves from KOF 2k2UM but it causes the mugen crashes because the final pause on KO, for this reason there aren’t this kind of stuff in my project.
Thanks to all authors for his work, and you for play it.

Links: XI TAG System v1.0.part1.rar XI TAG System v1.0.part2.rar XI TAG System v1.0.part3.rar XI TAG System v1.0.part4.rar

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