Irgen (Alien woman wrestler) (Read 2873 times)

Started by puffolotti4iji, January 06, 2018, 01:30:55 pm
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Irgen (Alien woman wrestler)
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This girl is a tasen alien, member of a fictional race created by Daniel Remar for the videogame Iji. If we stop and think about it, her body would look strange in the real worl, true that, but is well beyond the deformities we are used to see in videogames or anime without anybody raising an eyebrow... i mean, how could zangief use a telephone?

Beside that, there are 2 spritesets, the second one is tasen military combat, and it is needed because the first one doesn't have block actions. Irgen was born as a sword user, but then i decided to remove the sword, then i thought that other developers may find a use for the cels where she's fighting with tasen military style.

I left the cels that don't make sense because she's not using a sword anymore, my experience in mugen taught me that even cels that seem totally useless may be used for taunts, victory-defeat poses or such...

I'm considering to use the sprites from the original game as small portraits, but since the tasen defender is a rank of my conception, i had to draw an icon for it.

I'm not working anymore on the version with the sword, but anyone can use her for any non-commercial purposes, so i'll add here a link to a kinda working version of her with the sword. (Let me know if i should publish it somewhere else too.)

At the point where i abandoned this build, the code is still a mess, yet i'm confident it can be funny to play.

Since i didn't have voice actresses, her death scream is Basara's from Samurai Shodown,

I'll be working on her throws's explod in late spring, but i'm not entirely sure they are needed for the first release of the game.
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