"Mustermenschen Project" ( mass production of human chars ) (Read 4616 times)

Started by puffolotti4iji, January 12, 2018, 03:00:25 am
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"Mustermenschen Project" ( mass production of human chars )
#1  January 12, 2018, 03:00:25 am
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Finally i get to talk about the Mustermenschen project.
In Germany "Max Mustermann" is the name on any example of module, just like "John Smith" in England or "Mario Rossi" in Italy.

This one is one of the characters that will be added in Alpha Strike (But in Alpha strike he costantly carries a plasma cannon, i'll fix and validate the palette of this mustermann but i won't be coding a character from those sets)

Now i have to think about how to organize the animations, if i should bind a stance with its gethit animations, or if i should divide by function, or by native game (At a certain point i putted an imitation of MK1 standing punches and kicks, and basically MK was 5 times the same map of normal moves and reactions, on that aspect it's safe to say beside wich special moves were doable by each character, it was just a sprite swap When UMK3 came out somebody noticed that there were enough ninja-fishmongers around to do a game only with them.)

Basically the project is like a dude performing a huge array of animations, that could be dressed like a doll, and can be re-shaped into a woman, a children, an obese individual. When i'll have a satisfactory database of moves i'll do some hairs, sash, loincloth, breast animations,
like this one

I think i'll take battle-k-road for reference of the styles, i'd say a dozen stances for every family, plus something imagining characters extremely strong that don't have to bother themselves with technique.

Or a random and bland karate cretin...

A pair of fingerless gloves, hairs matching said gloves and a quick change of gender is all it takes to give it some personality.

Even with a restricted array of clothes the possibilities are near endless.

Now, i'm aware that someone frowns at rendered characters, but i'm confident i'll find a way to render low res flat cels without having them looking like garbage.
Right now a cel shaded character can be obtained with fiddling a little with the palette
and spending a couple minutes for each cel searching and removing "green dots", but i'm also confident this method could produce good basis to update existing characters.

B.T.W. the reason last 3 gifs are that small is because i wanted to put all the 1480 frames i have in the sequence in a single gif. If somebody needs one of those spritesets in a larger scale, it will be a matter of pressing 4-5 times the left mouse button
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Re: "Mustermenschen Project" ( mass production of human chars )
#2  January 12, 2018, 04:33:05 am
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Mustermenschen Project, huh. sounds pretty much like a secret project form third Reich. lol

however, good luck with that. :)
Re: "Mustermenschen Project" ( mass production of human chars )
#3  January 12, 2018, 10:06:25 am
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I'm not entirely sure it would be legal to represent the bad dudes of Indiana Jones (Or Iron man) in MUGEN or Openbor or such, i'll get some info, just to stay on the safe side...

But thank you for giving me an idea, that, as far as i know is quite original:
I'll do a couple of german policemen and policewomen
Re: "Mustermenschen Project" ( mass production of human chars )
#4  January 12, 2018, 04:56:01 pm
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Oh you want to use the old Police Uniform? ö.ö