The Human Anomaly (generic military girl) (Read 3945 times)

Started by puffolotti4iji, January 04, 2018, 03:28:25 pm
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The Human Anomaly (generic military girl)
#1  January 04, 2018, 03:28:25 pm
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Hello folks. I'll start contributing to the guild with the spriteset of one of the characters for my project, "The human anomaly".

To allow other developer reuse it, even for different platforms i made her as generic as possible (and bland, i'm afraid)

This may help for the group 9000

This is already validated for MUGEN

If you want to develop her i can give her some proper throws and a continuous running forward action (animno 100 -> animno 101)
For my game i don't need to personalize her, but if you have got anything in mind, i would happily consider giving her other outfits, but i warn in advance that even if it will be relatively easy to change her outfit, and re-render her, i don't have time to take care of possible clothes collisions.
Here a brief example of what could be considered an alternate outfit (this one in particular doesn't have a validated palette.)
Re: The Human Anomaly (generic military girl)
#2  January 04, 2018, 06:34:26 pm
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Re: The Human Anomaly (generic military girl)
#3  January 04, 2018, 07:24:51 pm
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hi man... welcome here and good luck in your project
Re: The Human Anomaly (generic military girl)
#4  January 05, 2018, 12:32:20 am
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this is nice, can you give her this kind of clothing ?

This could be a base. Right now i don't have got the time to make the belly the same color of the pants, but it shouldn't be difficult from this base, when i'll give her a running animation i'll upgrade bannou as well, you may want to scale this spriteset down and trace your drawing on it.

I confess i didn't put the same effort i would do for my own production sprites, and apologize, i don't have so much time, but i think it will be possible to adjust it.

I can remove the ponytail, but i don't have time to give to this set dynamic hairs. Perhaps i'll do it in the end of spring.
However now i'm going to publish here a spriteset with dynamic hairs, very similar to the example you showed to me. check out for Vateilika.

Perhaps in the next days i'll polish this very spriteset, but i can't promise that now, the palette is validated, anyway.

Re: The Human Anomaly (generic military girl)
New #5  January 21, 2018, 11:35:29 am
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Sorry for the double post, but i divised a render method that allowed me to improve this spriteset in a matter of a couple hours, so i'm publishing here the new spriteset.

This should help understand the palette

I'll have to resize and clean this sprite for Alpha strike (I won't be abusing the scaling within MUGEN because i don'w want the sprite to lose the eyes language in the automatic resizing) then i'll publish the resized version.

I'm gonna put something on the T-shirt.


Aaaand, here we go.

As you can see i added some sort of scifi-gloves.

This spriteset requires some more work on the cels, but i think i'll do that on the rescaled (70%) version, for the reasons i explained above. I leave this spriteset for didactic purposes. In the process i'll add cels with motion blur, kinetic effects, energy trails.
B.T.W. The last 4 cels, where the gloves "try to run" to the starting position are a mere mistake. I don't think they can be used, but right now i see no point in removing those cels.

I guess the moment i have some spare time i can look again at the variation for @Bastard Mami .
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