[W.i.P] non-Shadow Diavolo (Read 607 times)

Started by ditchu, June 17, 2019, 09:39:29 pm
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[W.i.P] non-Shadow Diavolo
#1  June 17, 2019, 09:39:29 pm
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[Spoilers for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind, if you didn't watch it yet, I guess...]

So, first time posted about this here (The last one was on MUGEN Archive, but alright.)

I'm currently trying to make a non-Shadow Diavolo using the current code we have, made by amarimono, called The Boss (or Shadow Diavolo) made with the playstyle of the All-Star Battle game for the PS3, etc.
I been using gameplay footage of Diavolo on that game, to make the current sprite that I'm working on. Right now, I have succeeded (at least I think, that's why I'm here...) on making the sprites of him Idle, Crouching, Upwards jumping, and his Epitaph ability... If you think about it, you can call this project, just an edit of amarimono's Shadow Diavolo (only using his code and replacing the sprites of Shadow Diavolo, to my non-Shadow ones (of course, giving amarimono all the credits for his code and character.))

Only problem that I have, is that I think... My sprite for him sucks! Or at least doesn't look as good as I want him to be... And I wanted someone that knows something about this, (or someone who has a sense of what's good or bad on this) to at least say how can I change it to look better, or... good, I guess ...
(The gif is a bit, wrong... But, in game it works...) (If the link doesn't work, please say it...)

The only one that I feel, at least, confident on sharing is the Idle animation, which I think it looks decent on a level...
But anyway... I really would love some thoughts on the sprite, and what should I change, if change at all... Thank you for even reading this until the end...
(NOTE: I'm not native American, I'm from Brazil. So, deeply sorry for any bad english that this may contain...)
Re: [W.i.P] non-Shadow Diavolo
#2  June 18, 2019, 11:11:52 pm
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Its good for a start, although I do feel there could be some things improved. Chief of these are the details of his body as its hard to see where his neck ends and torso begins for example. Alongside this his legs should definitely move a bit and some shading could be used. Also you might be able to get away with one less line for the chest part of his fishnet shirt thing although thats not something that really needs to be changed (while on the topic however, it seems to be missing the middle line that connects with the middle column of the circle things). One last thing that could be touched up is his skin tone, a darker more natural tone may suit him better. All in all not bad.