AI patches for Swamp Thing and Constantine (Read 588 times)

Started by Mammalman, January 27, 2019, 04:22:56 am
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AI patches for Swamp Thing and Constantine
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Allow me to have an opportunity to provide some edits for some DC chars...

Edit+AI Patch for Swamp Thing


- added forward/back steps
- some projectiles are changed where they starts
- 1 special move added (Swamp Thing throws lump of mud in two direction.)
- 1 special move converted into new rash-move hyper
- added recovery roll
- fixed sound problem of superjump
- In the fist-shooting special move, now he can aim his fist in two directions
- In the special move that a pillar comes up, it prevents enemy's projectiles (Hyper moves are not included.)
  Instead, now it can hit enemy only first 20 frames. Also, it can cause glitches sometime.
  You can change the setting whether AI can use the move or not in option.
- The limit number of clones that can be summoned is now raised to two.
- Now the clone awaits until the enemy comes by or time limit passes.
- Some normal attacks are moved to other commands
- Special/Hyper move commands are relocated
- Sand breath special is now the stand weak punch
- revised damage balance
- and other minor changes

AI Patch for Constantine (by ParaDo0x, SeanAtly, Alucard, Shining and other helps by yolomate,fede de 10 and Thuddleston)

It also has a little edits
- Forward/back step now works properly (but animations might still looks bit awkward..)
- Problem on meter building fixed
- AI no longer summons same helper at once
- revised damage balance
- and other minor changes

Download Link :

more to coming soon!
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