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Started by Just No Point, January 27, 2017, 04:19:42 pm
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SFFv1 SFFv2 SFFv2.1
#1  January 27, 2017, 04:19:42 pm
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Here we will talk about the differences in each SFF

SFFv1 is the standard for WinMugen and earlier but can still be used in MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1b.

Palettes are added by making .act files and placing their names in the .def

Sprites in this format are limited to 256 colors. The alpha channel for Color 0 in the palette index will be 0 (transparent)
see tutorial 1 for more details on how to do that

SFFv2 is the standard for MUGEN 1.0 and can be used in 1.1b

Palettes are now added directly in to the sff. It now uses remappal to change the colors

Like v1 sprites in this format are limited to 256 colors. The alpha channel for Color 0 in the palette index will be 0 (transparent)

SFFv2.1 is the standard for MUGEN 1.1b and cannot be used in earlier versions

Palettes are added into the sff like in V2

Sprites are no longer limited to 256 color indexes. This can be very useful for stage and screenpack creation. And for large portraits.

Also any palette can now have any index's alpha channel manipulated. Allowing for full or partial transparencies on individual indexes based on palette. By default Color 0 is still 0

feel free to add to this with more technical info. Like I forget if the indexed sprites are 32bit or what
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#2  January 27, 2017, 04:22:36 pm
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How to add palettes to FF3 sffv2+

This example uses PiccoloZ2 as an example but will work with any sffv2+ character as long as you know where their palettes are stored.

Open Fighter Factory 3

Load Piccolo and look at his sff. Make sure you have the palettes option enabled for the right hand window.

Scroll through his palettes. In this example his latest palette is 1,94. I'm adding 1,95.

Click the upper left icon to add a new palette as indicated in the image below

It will ask"Do you want to load the palettes from files?"

Make the palette the next index higher. Since the last he had was 1,94 this one will be 1,95

That's it!

Be sure to save the sff!
Re: SFFv1 SFFv2 SFFv2.1
#3  November 28, 2017, 05:40:36 pm
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