Solution for the usb Analog controllers without the switch  (Read 4306 times)

Started by tinsix, December 09, 2005, 03:34:19 am
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Solution for the usb Analog controllers without the switch
#1  December 09, 2005, 03:34:19 am
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For those of you who have only analog usb controllers that doesn't have a switch to switch between digital and analog there is a solution.

Using the software that came with the controller you can actually use the d pad to fight instead of using the sticks.

First of make sure you have the software installed for example if your controller is part of the Logitech family the program is Logitech Profiler.

1.Once installation is complete run the program and create a new profile for a game.  Usually to do this is you go to File and click on either New Profile or Create New Profile.

2. Next in the profile name type the name of the profile  (My personal preference is Mugen for Mugen but its all up to you on what you call the profile.)

3. Next in the Browse menu look for mugen.exe

Afterward it will ask you to choose an Icon for it (all I can say is leave this blank if you don't know how to change an Icon;  I do, but I will leave that for another FAQ.)

Now here is the trick part so pay attention.

5.Now minimize the program and open mugen( this is my preference but make sure that its windowed size  320, 640.  If you have fullscreen just hit alt-enter and it will shrink the window to the size specified in the winmugen screen, this trick only works on some video cards) [[For those of you seeking to have a career in computers especially as a tech remember this shorcut]]

6. With mugen open go to the input options in the options menu.

Note: make sure that the joystick options are disabled for both players

7. Now go into the keyboard options and assign the controls to buttons that you are confortable with, but make sure you do not use the directional keys and make sure that the 2nd controller has different keys[thanks darkdez for your brilliant j2k faq]

Now once your done keep mugen open and move it to the side where the keys of the controls for both players are in plain site.

8. Restore the configeration software that came with your gamepad and open the Go into the section where it says d-pad and click it and it will say New POV assignment; Click that.

Now for the directions that are their go into the comand editor and record the motions for the directions.

For example:

Type up for the command name in the command editor and hit record then press the key that you have for up in mugen and then hit stop.

Once you have the normal directionals down you have to put in the diagnal directionals.

Do the same that you have for the directionals but when you record the motion make sure you press both direction buttons.  Lets say to jump up and to the right you press w+d then record the motion by pressing both buttons.

Do this for each diagonal direction.

Once this is done record the motions for each button i.e. punches, kicks, etc.

Next minimize the program and run the game and your good to go.

Note for characters with double jump make sure to put a diferent motion for the double jump cause the jump up and to the right may look odd it depends from character to character, this glitch affects KFM.

Thanks for Reading and Good Luck making the game.