Arthas, the Lich King by Zuhukanah updated (08.23.10) (Release 4+) (Read 9608 times)

Started by Aigis on Serious Difficulty, August 24, 2010, 11:09:28 pm
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Arthas, the Lich King by Zuhukanah updated (08.23.10) (Release 4+)
#1  August 24, 2010, 11:09:28 pm
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Main topic:

from the Updates Readme file said:
Release 4+ Updates
- Fixed an issue with Plague Strike that caused the enemy to be "pulled" towards Arthas if the enemy's
back was facing him.
- Plague Strike can now be blocked.
- Fixed an issue that caused Icy Touch to change into Plague Strike if Arthas was hit before his attack
- Insane Boss Mode (IBM) is now here! This mode, available for AI only, is activated when you "kill" Arthas
in Normal Mode. Not only will you have to face him twice in one battle, the second fight being much harder,
but you won't get to recover any of your health you spent during the first fight! Truly a challenge not for the
weak of heart. If you fear this challenge, do not worry; all upcoming releases will have the option to
to fight IBM or Normal Mode versions of the character. The Options.txt will show you how to change them.
- Added an IBM.txt in the readme's folder. This is similar to the command list, giving attack names and
details on his abilities, accept they are his IBM abilities and the guide will also give you tips on how to
cope with each ability. It probably won't be enough to save you...
- The launch attack of Freezing Tornado no longer needs to make contact in order for the whirlwind attack
to be used.
- Players now recieve (MINOR) guard damage from Freezing Tornado.

- Minion Guide.txt has been updated to give information and strategy tips on Arthas's minions when they
are summoned while Arthas is in IBM, if they change while he is in that state.
-Deleted some unused sounds.
-Added an Options.txt that will contain information on how to:
*Turn off his Music
*Turn off his Battle-Whispers
*Switch between fighting him in IBM and Normal modes
-Deleted a palette file I was using during his first creation, which was no longer needed.

Time for my feedback:
- Thought is needed to defeat him. If you simply rush in and attack him too fast, you'll end up getting KOed very quickly. However, there are characters with moves that can wipe out all or most of his health because of the hyper armor factor in Arthas.
- A few of his moves on normal mode hit OTG. Also, one of his attack combos leaves you laying on the ground for a very long time and unable to get up immediately when pressing the buttons to recover.
- Insane Boss mode (shown in the picture above), is completely unfair with many characters. Right now, the only characters I managed to beat him in this mode are Incurable's Mildred and Ricepigeon's Hina.
- Ice Spikes can take off 400-550 health when fully landed.
- When the above is combined with other attacks, you might end up waving goodbye to 700 or so health in total.
- Too much chip damage per slash.
- The Ghoul pincer summon isn't bad, unless Arthas follows up with another summon or chill spikes, pretty much making chances of surviving the attack nil.
- Arthas does bigger damage to you than you can do to him, because he has permanent Ice Fortitude (take half the damage from all attacks).
- Final phase isn't bad, with two of the attacks blockable, yet all attacks can send you back enough to fall off the arena and die instantly. Fortunately, you can't get KOed from direct damage at this point. However, if Arthas summons a Valkier THEN uses Remorseless Winter, you've already lost the battle, since the Valkier hits you far away enough.
- If you use a character with long range finite priority physical attacks, it is possible for them to fall off the arena for no reason at all. This is because of the CLSNs taking much of the air instead of being restricted to the ground.

Balance-wise, work still needs to be done on him, especially the Insane Boss Mode.
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Re: Arthas, the Lich King by Zuhukanah updated (08.23.10) (Release 4+)
#2  August 24, 2010, 11:25:20 pm
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Re: Arthas, the Lich King by Zuhukanah updated (08.23.10) (Release 4+)
#3  August 24, 2010, 11:29:12 pm
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Hmm, perhaps I should have worded that part better.  What I meant was that Insane Boss mode should be fixed so that it isn't as unfair as it is now.
Re: Arthas, the Lich King by Zuhukanah updated (08.23.10) (Release 4+)
#4  August 28, 2010, 03:21:28 pm
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I've posted a little about it.  Hopefully he'll listen.

The issue is coverage; he controls way too much of the screen in the second form and there's not a damm thing you can really do about it.  Don't know about the third phase(the 'knock-off and die'), since the second is basically death.
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Re: Arthas, the Lich King by Zuhukanah updated (08.23.10) (Release 4+)
#5  August 28, 2010, 07:41:42 pm
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I updated the feedback in the starter post.

Anyways, the third phase (where you can die by going too far to the right or left) is easier, but it does have it's unfair moments.  Valkier plus Remorseless Winter is the worse combination possible, and since I find Remorseless Winter unpredictable, majority of the time, it's me losing the fight because of this.  This can be avoided by using maximum level supers that can reach the Valkier.  Of course, if his final action before having to recover is summon a Valkier, the unfairness is moot since you're meant to perform the final strike and win.

There is also the matter where characters without infinite priority in their regular melee attacks having a very long range can end up falling off the arena for no reason at all because their blue hit boxes managed to touches one of the red hit boxes covering the edges of the arena.
Re: Arthas, the Lich King by Zuhukanah updated (08.23.10) (Release 4+)
#6  August 30, 2010, 01:46:23 am
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This mode was for the pro of the pros; I wasn't looking for mere challenge, I was looking for an elite force to be reckoned with that was made for the hardcore.

Somebody back me up on this; this is the wrong attitude to character/mode design.
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