Dazzler - Updated (Finally!!) - by jr6 and Twinimage; updated by Fron (Read 3204 times)

Started by DeleFresh, October 11, 2018, 08:08:43 pm
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Dazzler - Updated (Finally!!) - by jr6 and Twinimage; updated by Fron
#1  October 11, 2018, 08:08:43 pm
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Hi All,

I noticed this update in a couple places, but not seemingly 'out' there.  Anyone who is a Marvel fan can enjoy this (long time coming) update.

Notes from Fron:

Hi! This is my edition of the Dazzler, originally made by jr6 and Twinimage .
The creators concept's intact, but now there's also a LOT of new stuff added:

- New sprites
- New animations
- new specials, helpers and three level hypers.
- Arranged CLSN boxes
- Basic moves completed (she lacked some air and crouching attacks)
- Basic moves arranged
- new sounds
- Arranged Comboability
- Tweaked AI
- new palettes
- a lot more.

Check the READ ME file for move list and more.
Have fun!

Some screenshots! (not sure how to embed them here)

Available here (not sure where else its being posted)!BAVy3KDK!v70GYI8tjUhW0Sd7t-EOBUmZ6IyRWAAa8tX2fqXyBo0
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Re: Dazzler - Updated (Finally!!) - by jr6 and Twinimage; updated by Fron
#2  October 11, 2018, 08:28:42 pm
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Are jr6 and Twinimage still around? I'm trying to find their galleries, and they're not showing up.

For the new sprites, is there a new artist?
Re: Dazzler - Updated (Finally!!) - by jr6 and Twinimage; updated by Fron
#3  October 11, 2018, 09:49:51 pm
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Well, I'm thinking its all updated by Fron, as I don't believe jr6 and Twinimage are around anymore. 
Re: Dazzler - Updated (Finally!!) - by jr6 and Twinimage; updated by Fron
#4  October 14, 2018, 06:34:12 am
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Re: Dazzler - Updated (Finally!!) - by jr6 and Twinimage; updated by Fron
#5  October 14, 2018, 12:12:49 pm
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Edit: I just realized this isn't your work, my bad. I'll see that this gets to Fron, somehow, lol.

Here's some notes/feedback, tested using the KFM and Hugo versions of Stupa's Training:

- dont know if its just me but the holograms and longshot specials do not seem to work on keyboard
- the CLSNs are bad. too many neutral hurtboxes, and often too many hitboxes on attacks.
- the hitbox placement on many attacks makes the mistake of overlapping perfectly with the hurtbox. this actually makes the normals much harder to punish. i can upload some example clsns i did to improve dazzler's normals if needed.
- different strengths only seem to change speed and distance of projectile specials, going faster and farther with ascending strengths. this makes the usefulness of lower strength specials dubious
- qcb + HP knocks down as well, but since qcb + lp and mp are -9 on hit you cannot combo after them so there is no utility to them in that regard
- doesnt seem to be any difference for the strengths used on counter
- in particular there doesnt seem to be any reason to use the light or medium variants of qcf + K
- the heavy kick version of Rollpunch (qcb + K) does not work
- she lacks a backthrow, f or b + cl. HP results in same animation and forward throw
- there is some weird frame data, ie. MP is +9 on hit but MK is -2 on hit
- can do standard zigzag chain (lp > lk > mp > mk) standing but cannot do it crouching
- same goes for magic series (lk > mp > mk > hp or hk)
- consider letting her do more chip damage, she has no chip with her normals and specials, and minimal chip with her supers (just 10 damage with Bedazzled and Dazzler's Rage, 11 with Uncanny Powerball)
- the scaling is weird and makes comboing into super suboptimal, here is some examples using Dazzler's Rage:
    - raw qcb + 2P = 360 damage
    - lp > lk > mp > mk > hk > qcb + 2k = 380 damage
    - qcf + k for stun followed by above combo also does ~380 damage
    - hk > qcb + 2k = 257 damage
- lk, for some reason, forces stupa's training to crouch block when guarding
- frame advantage for jumping normals seems completely random based on the timing of the hit. will include list of frame date for normals on block on the bottom. hopefully this is fixable and not due to the idiosyncrasies of the mugen engine.
- Lightball will whiff close on small hurtboxes
- Bedazzled hits 6(?) times but only shows up as 2 hits on combo counter, regardless if recovery is turned on or not.
- BIG RED FLAG: Uncanny Powerball is unblockable depending on where it lands. I think its because it crosses up. it is a super that tosses a projectile in an arc that explodes on the ground, making it very easy to set this up to be unblockable.

Here is the frame data for blocked normals:

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

i planned to write a longform review of this character to be posted in MFG, but i figured you would like a chance to address some feedback first before i go ahead and write it.
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Re: Dazzler - Updated (Finally!!) - by jr6 and Twinimage; updated by Fron
#6  October 24, 2018, 02:47:47 am
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