Accurate Hit/block pause time  (Read 2002 times)

Started by luis2345, November 17, 2013, 01:26:55 pm
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Accurate Hit/block pause time
#1  November 17, 2013, 01:26:55 pm
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I have been comparing some of Jin's kof characters to VANS or Ikarugas kof characters.
and i have noticed jin's characters feel more smooth (but too smooth to the point their combos need just inputting the combo instead of caring about timing like in the source KOF games)
Then i noticed that ikaruga's characters feel more "chunky" just like most kof games (before kof XIII)
i figured out that it was simply because of the pause times in their normal attacks.

Jin's characters had "pausetime = 5,6"
But Ikaruga's characters had "pausetime = 12,12"

I changed some of the pause times of Jin's characters to 12,12 and they worked much better because they felt more like the source games (more chunky)
But something was off and i don't know what it is, i noticed ikaruga uses 12,12 for normal moves (weak or strong) and for special moves (weak or strong)
I believe the pausetimes might be different for some moves (less chunky in Billy's crouching weak kick in kof 2002)
Some weak kicks and punches feel too chunky than they should.
Is there an standard for KOF pause times? should all of them be equal or are there some exceptions?
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Re: Accurate Hit/block pause time
#2  November 18, 2013, 02:42:31 am
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Over time KOF has changed its hitpause standards to fit the gameplay model they were aiming for:

- Classic KOF which is up to KOF'99 used heavier hitpauses in general.
- Modern KOF which is from 2000 to 2003 used lighter hitpauses.
- KOFXI is a special case, since it made a complete overhaul to the system it was aimed to keep the modern KOF players and to re-capture the hearts of veterans. This game tried to keep a balance where both types of players could feel comfortable.

You can tell the difference in all light and jumping basics.

I am not comparing KOFXII and XIII since they fit into a whole new category of their own.

My personal preference is the modern type since KOF2002 UM is tournament standard in Japan.
Re: Accurate Hit/block pause time
#3  November 18, 2013, 04:52:14 pm
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generally speaking you have 12,12 for all attacks as a base, then if the attack "slides" you have 10,12 examples of attacks that slide are jumping attacks and special moves that have your character sliding around. after that you have advantageous attacks which are 8,12 ,there are a very small amount of them like kyo's and angel's close C. after you have grounded weak attacks that only neeed to be consistentn between themselves, because as vans said they ahev changed over the years, from being the same as hard attacks in 98 to having way too short pause times in 2k2; what you can do is use the  weak pause times ones you like the most by trying a few different kof games, I don't know what the values are in 2k2 um my favorite ones are 98's because 2k2's feel too tappy, though iirc kofxis are kind of a middle ground and hsould be used instead, even if by itself kofxi has got inconsistency problems with ported/newer characters.