Damage balancing , what do you have to consider? (Read 1554 times)

Started by luis2345, December 27, 2013, 04:18:46 am
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Damage balancing , what do you have to consider?
#1  December 27, 2013, 04:18:46 am
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How do you consider how much damage a character (or it's moves) can deal?

A character with huge comboability (Kyo 2002) deals less damage but it's max damage combo (Supposing it's the bestcombo possible in the character)  deals 90% while using almost all meter and having certain level of execution.
While an almost null comboability character (Clark 2002) deals about 30% damage with basic combos but the bestcombo possible deals about 90% using almost no meter while the execution difficulty is not that hard as the other character.

Supposing both characters are both really mobile, then there's not many reasons to pick the first one unless you are going easy against someone.
(This is an example, i know that in the actual game they are balanced to some point)

How can you tell when a character is dealing way too much (or way too little) damage?
How do you balance the damage assuming there's already damage dampening implemented without changing the attack and defense parameters.
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Re: Damage balancing , what do you have to consider?
#2  December 27, 2013, 06:24:56 am
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It depends on how strong the character is in several areas: movement, priority, meter management. The only way to determine how he works in an ecosystem is based on everyone else in the game. In my case I compare the options of my characters to those that appear in the source material (lately, this would mean KOF2002UM).

I should probably mention that Clark requires not only a heavy amount of joystick tricks in order to be used properly, you also need some really good fundamental knowledge of how pokes work and the engine quirks. Unless I'm wrong, he cannot dish out 90% damage, meterless, and with little-to-no-execution skills required.
Re: Damage balancing , what do you have to consider?
#3  December 27, 2013, 07:36:02 am
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Achieving a 90% meterless would be finding the infinite juggle part of him. Can't believe you could do 90% without meter otherwise. He has one charge special that knocks up, and i doubt that'll juggle, all basics that cause fall would not allow juggling after except through specials. Sounds unlikely.

Unless you plan to use accurate damage you should look at a variety of things for establishing the damage of a move

Does it use power
Is it long or short distance
Is it blockable or unblockable
Does it have a fast or slow start up
Does it have a long or short recovery.

Based on many of those parameters a Short distance blockable move with long startup and recovery should deal FAR FAR more damage than a long distance unblockable move with fast startup and recovery.

There is no real formula for this, it's all about fitting in with the rest of the moves. 2 characters who have moves with exactly the same features, but different overall skill sets would have different damage values.

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