Kara-Cancelling? [KOF] (Read 1832 times)

Started by luis2345, January 14, 2014, 08:29:08 pm
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Kara-Cancelling? [KOF]
#1  January 14, 2014, 08:29:08 pm
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Kara-cancelling is a glitch conserved as a feature mostly used in Street Fighter

But it is also present in KOF in a slightly different way

I am not talking about whiff cancels,  kara-cancels is when you cancel moves before the first frame even comes out. You basically cancel out of "frame 0"

How i know it exists in kof:

For example, take Angel from Kof 2002.
Her Standing Light Kick is not cancelable unless you are in max mode, if you cancel from there she flashes in white which proves that move is not cancelable normally into special moves.

But. there are combos where you actually cancel the Standing Light Kick into any special move (Commonly the B,F + Kick move)
So how they do that if that's not possible to do? Is it a link? No it is not a link, not even perfect a frame perfect one because i tested it frame by frame in an emulator, the hitstun is not enough, you NEED to cancel from it to combo.
So what they do is, since the standing light kick is only cancelable into itself and crouching light kick you have to do this:

1- Hit with the standing light kick.
2 - Cancel it into itself.
3 - Input any special move exactly before the second light kick comes out (It IS frame perfect)

When you do that , the first frame of the second light kick doesn't even show up, the first frame to show up is the special move's first frame, basically you are cancelling in "frame 0"
So basically kara-cancels work exactly the same as in Street Fighter 2  (But not like in street fighter 3 as far as i know)
Tested all of this with an emulator frame by frame.

It would seem like a very insignificant feature, but KOF is all about details and this feature is actually the secret for many combos.

How do i implement that feature in MUGEN? By setting ctrlset to 1 when time < 1 ? I am sure there's a more accurate way.
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Re: Kara-Cancelling? [KOF]
#2  January 14, 2014, 10:41:09 pm
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@Vans: This question is right up your alley

Re: Kara-Cancelling? [KOF]
#3  January 14, 2014, 11:57:36 pm
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As far as I know KOF does not have kara canceling unless it's specified in the character itself (Angel).

This is an Angel-specific feature of Unchain Circle, she can whiff cancel moves even before the active frame is present. What you describe is an example of a frame-perfect whiff cancel, she did in fact go into the light kick state but the cancel was so fast that she went into the unchain move in the same frame.

You code this like any time-based cancel, adding ctrl=1 would be a fatal mistake.
Re: Kara-Cancelling? [KOF]
#4  January 15, 2014, 01:24:25 am
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kof has/had some weird bugs with the neogeo hardware, then in the latest kof newer characters started breaking the rules (jenet).

I was only abel to replicate one of the most rule breaking bugs by using kim, but some guys mention being able to do so with vanessa and other chars. the bug I am talking about is trying to cancel to a super while you can't cancel to it (because of stocks or other factors ) that gives you back control, that's what cuses kim's dd+kick semi infinite.
Re: Kara-Cancelling? [KOF]
#5  January 15, 2014, 01:31:17 am
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Yeah I'm not entirely sure what makes that happen, it existed even before super cancels existed (KOF97?).