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Started by berserkx33, October 14, 2013, 01:11:47 am
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Quick VS Engine
#1  October 14, 2013, 01:11:47 am
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Hello groovy boys'n'girls, I'm here to release the 0.1.1 beta of the BerserkMugen Quick VS Engine.

This quick vs engine was created by me from scratch, on VB.NET, taking lot's of inspiration from MWC. I wanted to renew his code cause it was very obtuse, and also add some extra stuff in the way.

By now, you can only save fights and play fights, but without timer controls yet. This version is more of a proof of concept, so I've done just the functional.

So, what's in there right now? Well:

- Independent select files (it will not need to read the select.def and will be able load way faster thanks to my new random generator algorithm);

- Player selection;

- Palette selection;

- Stage selection;

- Ai selection;

- Rounds selection;

- Randomizer;

- Premade Fights Creator;

- Life and Power control;

- Automatic Character and Stage finding. (On the Select Editor).

What I plan on adding on the next release:

- Multiple Language Support Interface (Sorry, I created it for my friends first, and we are Brazilians);

- Match Time selection;

- Implement the select editor (Partially implemented).

What I plan on adding on the future:

- Internal Database Files

- Custom Selection Parameters (Character Type, Gender, Original Game, Etc. The same for Stages)

- Extra Modes (Story, Tournament, Survival, Arcade, Adventure, Tower, Etc)

- Story Mode Script Creator;

- Adventure Mode Script Creator;

- Situation Cards (For Story, Adventure and Tower modes) (They will change the fight parameters)

Well, here goes some screenshots of the damn thing already:

And well, now for the install instructions:

1 - Download the executable:

2 - Load it one time;

3 - Select you Mugen directory;

4 - Open the Select Editor, and press auto for both Chars and Stages;
6 - Return to the match screen and press Reload;

7 - Change what you want and start playing.

Now, for some help I need:

- Someone who knows well quick vs commands (I'm searching for a timer command)
- Someone who knows how to obtain the stats of the quick VS (Like who won, how much power and life was left, etc)

Goodbye and Have FUN!
Re: Quick VS Engine
#2  October 18, 2013, 09:07:43 pm
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This looks pretty cool, I will test it for sure :-)
Re: Quick VS Engine
#3  October 28, 2013, 05:42:04 am
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This can only recognize the "plain" directory structure (no nested subfolders), and for some reason some entries on the chars/stages lists are displayed as garbage.

Otherwise it works fine so far.
Re: Quick VS Engine
#4  November 11, 2013, 02:12:16 am
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Thanks for the info, i will be looking into it in the future, i'm in a kind of hiatos cause my PC is brocken and i can't work on the Project.