"RoundNotOver" can force RoundState 4 to be skipped? (Read 1684 times)

Started by vgma2, January 31, 2014, 10:23:59 am
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"RoundNotOver" can force RoundState 4 to be skipped?
#1  January 31, 2014, 10:23:59 am
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I honestly do not have any idea where I should post a topic like this.

I was playing around with coding in the common1.cns, when I encountered this.
I was able to replicate it by copy and pasting the same code into someone else's -2 states.

The actual code I used was this:
[State RoundNotOver, AssertSpecial]
type = AssertSpecial
triggerall = RoundState = 3
trigger1 = Time < 100
flag = RoundNotOver

I'm not sure of the specific details, but it seems that using a "RoundNotOver" "AssertSpecial" can cause Mugen to instantly skip RoundState 4; fading to black before it shows the next round call.

Yet, the debug shows that Mugen is "Resetting Round" . EDIT: I just found out Mugen's debug always shows "Resetting Round" between matches
However, I can tell that Mugen is indeed proceeding to the next round as my lifebar and announcer will still display/say "Round 2", "Round 3", etc.

As this skips RoundState 4, neither character can get any round wins, thus forever prolonging the match.
On Turns mode however, it seems that the defeated character still "loses" as the next character will take their place in the next round.
Since I cannot get any round wins, if I lose in survival mode, no mater how many opponents I defeat, my win count is displayed as "0".

I am using Mugen 1.1, which might be the problem.
Is this a bug exclusive to 1.1? Or do any other versions of Mugen have this?
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