WiiWare recs? (Read 1769 times)

Started by Griffin JAGElroy, July 12, 2018, 11:56:54 pm
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WiiWare recs?
#1  July 12, 2018, 11:56:54 pm
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Hacked my Wii last night and wanted to get me some WiiWare games, but don't know where to start. Y'all got good recommendations?

Here's what I got so far:

Mega Man 9/10
The first three Ace Attorneys
The Bit.Trip series
The Art Style series
The Konami Rebirth games

Oh, and since I'll be making my Wii region-free, foreign titles can be recommended here, too.
Re: WiiWare recs?
#2  July 13, 2018, 02:02:36 am
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Jett Rocket: A very solid and pretty looking 3D platformer. Not much else to say.

Fast Racing League: The first game in the Fast Racing series. If you like Fast Racing Neo, this is worth checking out.

Muscle March: I recommend this one just for how zany and weird it is.

Cave Story+: Of course this one's readily available on tons of platforms, but still very worthwhile.

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Re: WiiWare recs?
#3  July 13, 2018, 03:05:21 am
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Dead Rising : While the Wii version is not as good as the 360 one its still a pretty fun game. The Wii version also give you access to the weapon shop and there is no 3 days limits

Resident Evil 4 is also a pretty good port
Re: WiiWare recs?
#4  July 13, 2018, 03:35:34 am
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People have already pretty much covered what's definitely worth your time but get these as well...

- Zombie Panic in Wonderland - A 3D shoot at the screen game, the best thing about it is playing it with someone.
- Bust a Move PLUS! - Still great in this day and age with updated graphics.
- Blaster Master:Overdrive - Not nearly as good as the NES original but still worth the playthrough.

Actual Wii games:
- Sin & Punishment: Star Succesor
- The Last Story
- Sonic Colors
- Xenoblade Chronicles

- Retroarch - For all your retro Nintendo, Sega & Arcade needs
- Nintendo 64 has gotten more stable recently with 2 emulators:
  + Wii64 ==>
  + Not64 ==>
- Playstation - Some games run fairly well.
  + WiiSXr ==>

Happy Hunting!
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