Big Bang Beat: 1st Impression Lifebar (MUGEN 1.0/MUGEN 1.1) (Read 384 times)

Started by Speedster, June 22, 2019, 04:07:26 am
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Big Bang Beat: 1st Impression Lifebar (MUGEN 1.0/MUGEN 1.1)
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  This lifebar was laborious. The SFF was all over the place divided in many sprites to avoid loss of color.
Anyway I joined the sprites keeping the quality of the original creator.
  The name fonts was something else that required work. It's as if the uppercase, lowercase letters and
symbols had been made separate and then collated together, the result was an all messy gradient, so I've re-made all the lower case letters and symbols. I got rid of unused fonts as well.
  In the case of the font for combos, I edited it to be more polished. In the game source, the word "Beats" overlaps the bottom of the numbers. But in MUGEN, the number will overlap the word, even if you give a higher priority to the text.
  Originally the lifebar doesn't have a timer, but I did an alternate def in case you (like me) like to play with time on the screen.

- Original author: Mugen D. Luffy
- 640x480
- Special characters included (info)
- Download:

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