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Started by Mr. Giang, November 02, 2018, 05:49:55 pm
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Koichi Hirose (Update 7/11/2019)
#1  November 02, 2018, 05:49:55 pm
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Koichi Pose intensified.

Character Demonstration + Download Link:

- AI Update.
- Part 5 Pallete.
- Boing! now deals damage and can launch Koichi, similiar to All Star Battle.
- Visual update (intro, kanji explod,…).
- Added extra missing sound effects.
- 3 Freeze Status's duration increased.
- Fixed a glitch which made 2 ACT 2 appearing on screen at the same time.
- Reworked input layout.
- Power increased to 5000.
- Stylish Cancel's power cost reduced from 1000 to 500.
- Supported UNO Tag System.

Tag system:
Start - Partner assist
z+c - Tag in/Tag out
D,DF,F,z+c - Tag Team Hyper

- Stylish Dodge: Koichi can perform a stylish dodge by pressing Back a few frames before the attack connects him, taking no damage. If the dodge is successful, Heart Heat Gauge will be drained. Heart Heat Gauge can also be drained during a successful block, resulting in a Guard Crush state when the gauge is depleted and resets itself to 50%.
- Stylish Cancel: Can cancel certain moves to idle state by pressing A. Cost 500 Power.
- Stand Cancel: Can cancel certain moves by turn Stand Mode on/off. Cost 250 Power.
- Guard Push - x+y/y+z/z+x while guarding.
- Echoes Act 3: Can summon Echo Act 3 by pressing C. While Echoes Act 3 is active, Koichi will be able to access to a different moveset as well as extra perks:
+ Air dash.
+ Double  jump.

X - Weak. Can combo into Medium into Hard into I'll never forgive you! (if Stand mode is off) or Hit them, ACT3! (if Stand mode is on) by pressing X.
Y - Medium
f.Y (Non-Stand only) - Back out
Z – Hard
f.Z (Non-Stand only) – Enough!: Koichi runs forward and swings with all his might. If the punch connects, the opponent is sent flying upon impact. Koichi's skills can be performed instantly following this move.
f.Z (Stand only) – Overhead Kick.
d.Z (Air, Stand only) - Strike now, ACT 3!
A - Evade/Stylish Cancel (can be used during a certain moves)
B - Throw (can be teched by opponents)

I'll never forgive you! (D,DF,F,x/y/z) (Non-Stand only) (G): Koichi summons ACT1 to fly forward and assault the opponent with loud SFX.
Cicada's cry etched in stone (x/y/z during I'll never forgive you!): ACT1 increases the number and volume of SFX to the point where the opponent collapses.
Boing! (F,DF,F,x/y/z) (Non-Stand only): ACT2 slaps an SFX on the ground in front of Koichi. If the opponent comes in contact with it, they'll be blown upward into the air and take slight damage upon landing. If Koichi himself touches it, he will leap high into the air, allowing him to evade many of the opponent's attacks or set up his own attacks from the air.
Echoes! (D,DB,B,x/y/z) (Non-Stand only) (G): ACT2 utilizes an offensive SFX from its tail to catch opponents. The SFX range can be controlled during start-up by holding back or forward.
X Verison: Sizzle!
Y Version: Ching!
Z Version: Buzz!
Bahyoo! (B,DB,B,x/y/z) (Non-Stand only) (G): A counter. Koichi crosses his arms and glares, and if the opponent hits him during that moment, SFX by ACT2 will reveal itself on Koichi and they will be blown back.
Hit them, ACT3! (D,DF,F,x/y/z) (Stand only) (G): ACT3 flies forward, rapidly punching the opponent and pushing them away.
S-H-I-T (F,DF,F,x/y/z) (Stand only) (G): ACT3 flies into the air and comes down punching with the 3 Freeze effect active, downing the opponent. This move doubles as an anti-air, and inflicts the 3 Freeze effect for a short duration. 3 Freeze effect prevents opponents from jumping and performing any attacks required them to jump as well as tagging out (however, opponents can still retreat by using Tag Team Hyper or Tag Switch Attack, ending the effect).
This air pressure?! (F,DF,D,DB,B,x/y/z)(Stand only) (G): ACT3 swiftly moves in front of Koichi and unleashes an intense burst of air capable of knocking both him and the opponent back. This skill can interrupt an opponent's combo. However, Koichi is harmed as well for even more damage.
Echoes 3 Freeze! (D,D,x/y/z) (Stand only) (G): Koishi jumps forward, grab an opponent then throw them back to the ground. Applied 3 Freeze effect on the opponents.

D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x/y/x - You're no match for Echoes ACT2! (LV1) (Non-Stand only) (G): ACT 2 leaps forward, attacks opponents and ends with a SFX which reduces opponents' power.
D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x/y/x - Echoes ACT3: FREEZE!! (LV1)  (Stand only) (G): sends ACT3 flying forward, rapidly punching the enemy with the Freeze effect active and pushing them away for an extended period of time, with the final hit knocking them down while inflicting the 3 Freeze effect for a longer period of time.
D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x+y/y+z/z+x - I'm really getting stronger?! (LV3) (G): starts with him summoning ACT1 to throw a "BAM!" SFX. If it lands, the opponent is assaulted by SFX loudly repeating itself enough to make them cover their ears. ACT2 flies in and places a "KaBOOM!" SFX under them, blasting them high into the air. The GHA finishes with ACT3 appearing above the opponent and performing a barrage of punches while activating 3 Freeze, making the opponent smash into the ground on landing. The GHA inflicts the 3 Freeze effect for a long period of time.

Tag Team Hyper: My ACT3 is awesome!: Summoning ACT3 to punch rapidly.

Special thanks to:
Amarimono for the based character.
Anomi Polis for the AI.
LautyCarp, Ouchi and S.Y for the extra effects.
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Re: Koichi Hirose Act 3 by amarimono (edited by Mr.Giang)
#2  November 05, 2018, 04:15:39 am
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Small update: More SFX because of JoJo's stylish stuffs.

Edit: "Echoes ACT3: FREEZE!!" Hyper also gets visual update but I'm too lazy to record it.
Re: Koichi Hirose (Update 1/2/2019)
#3  January 02, 2019, 04:48:33 am
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- Adding zoom to level 3.
- Fixed some input mis-priorities.
- Fixed a bug that makes 3 Freeze unable to apply properly in MUGEN 1.0/1.1.
- Updated with a new damage dampen system.
- Now can tag out during Stand mode.
- Now can use Delayed Tag Hyper.
Re: Koichi Hirose (Update 1/2/2019)
#4  January 02, 2019, 05:30:42 am
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he got wwaaaayyyy to much hit stun on hitstun on his normals he comboing into super from fullscreen
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Re: Koichi Hirose (Update 1/2/2019)
#5  January 02, 2019, 02:50:25 pm
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Re: Koichi Hirose (Update 1/2/2019)
#6  January 02, 2019, 03:33:31 pm
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he got wwaaaayyyy to much hit stun on hitstun on his normals he comboing into super from fullscreen
You should familiarize yourself with how ASB plays, there's a lot of wacky bullshit in that game and its largely what this Koichi is based off.
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Re: Koichi Hirose (Update 4/28/2019)
#7  April 28, 2019, 02:34:03 pm
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- Fixed all debug floods.
- Fixed a glitch which makes some Hypers gain power.
- Fixed a glitch that makes 3 Freeze unable to affect opponents in Simul mode.
- Fixed a glitch that makes KO explods replicate itself.
- Now can taunt in Single Mode.
- Reduced hit pausetime of all normals.
- More lenient canceling.
Re: Koichi Hirose (Update 7/11/2019)
#8  July 11, 2019, 01:48:55 am
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- Now has 10% minimum damage scaling.
- All ground normal and special now can be air-blockable.
- Non-stand's c.X and c.Y now can OTG.
- Stand's c.Z now can OTG.