Palette issue with sprites using their own individual colors. (Read 225 times)

Started by Plum, November 04, 2019, 03:57:28 am
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Palette issue with sprites using their own individual colors.
#1  November 04, 2019, 03:57:28 am
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I have no idea how to change palettes or even add them to make them functional. Whenever I try to make a new palette for 0,0 every other sprite just goes to 0,38 palette and I have no idea how to stop it. I'm using mugen 1.0 and it's been driving me crazy for hours on end. I tried using Kung fu man as a reference and I haven't learned anything thus far and every tutorial video I watch just shows colors changing and now how to actually /set/ or /add/ palettes.
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Re: Palette issue with sprites using their own individual colors.
#2  November 04, 2019, 04:52:29 am
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Yeah I had to figure out how the pallete system in Mugen actually works and its a pain to understand.

You're not supposed to use 0,0 as the pallet for your character. You actually assign that as 1,1. The reason for that is because Mugen 1.0+ doesn't use ACT files for their pallet but some code that sets group 1 as the pallet group. Once you reconfigure all of your sprites and pallets, then it should be smooth sailing.

Also if you want to have any helpers or projectiles to share the pallet with your character, but also have clear and readable ones of their own, you'll have to manually edit their sprites and insert those colors in your character's pallet.

Also to easily add palletes to a certain sprite, you just click on the last icon in the pallete menu when you're looking at sprites in FF3. Its the icon with the floppy over the pallete and image icons and it should say "apply the current pallete to the specified sprites". This allows you to assign unique pallets to the sprites. Also Pallet 0,38 might be the one that was created when you imported the sprites in. Watch out for that.

That's basically it, but here's a hot tip so that you don't pull your hair when inserting sprites sometimes:
It's best to save it as a pcx file, FF3 has a hard time reading indexed pngs but easily reads pcx's. GIMP can save and also let you adjust the pallet before you enter it. The first color in the slot is the one that FF3 will turn transparent, so make sure the background color is in that slot.
Re: Palette issue with sprites using their own individual colors.
#3  November 04, 2019, 06:02:43 am
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First of all: Thanks, you're pretty awesome.

Second of all... I sort of figured it all out nearly twenty minutes after posting. ^^

Though I didn't know about the 1.0 issue, but I did figure out the 1,1 issue. But yeah, it turns out 0,38 was the one imported in, and I learned to save as PCX awhile ago, before I started getting serious with mugen. I tend to us Photoshop over GIMP though--both are great, and again I appreciate the info. Knowing /why/ something works and how to fix things or basically futureproofing them is always welcomed.

Either way you've been a big help for me understanding exactly /why/ it wasn't working and all my characters will be better for it. I'm sort of going palette crazy at the moment, it's the little things that keep us happy.