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Started by IKEISLEGEND, November 13, 2016, 09:22:37 am
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1)There are no "level" classified supers in SF NG/3S. Some supers are stronger than others and it varies on the number of uses you get from the specific super you pick. Put the transference into a leveled system can be left up to the interpretation of the individual transferring it.

2)You can spam supers in CvS2. Lv1 and 3 with S Groove and low health. He even told you that in his post above the one you told him it couldn't be done.

3)He was never debating with you, just responding to your suggestion.

On the topic of the char. The vid looks pretty nice. I hope if you're using a char as template, that it's one of JZ's chars. You'll avoid a TON of bugs and errors that way. Waru's/H's stuff is very outdated. You can save yourself a lot of hassle.


Scratch that about Lv3's in S Groove, you're right, my mistake. Still, it charges very fast and can be used often. Though the low health requirement makes up for that.

Thanks DW for clarifying what I said in my previous post. Sei Sei Enbu was a level 1  super originally and with low health you would be able run that move on S groove without  charging because its a level 1 super. It would be dumb to make it a level 3 move because its not a devastating attack it jus makes his offence better. I am using warus template  but im good at  coding so I can update his system myself
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