[HI-RES] KOF: ULTIMATE EDITION (Coliseum Roses) (Read 6173 times)

Started by Darek, May 23, 2010, 04:39:26 am
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#1  May 23, 2010, 04:39:26 am
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Well I've been pretty busy lately, but I managed to get this out of bit by bit, this is another stage for the project THE KING OF FIGHTERS: ULTIMATE EDITION.

Coliseum is the scenario of the new KOF XIII Roses, is based exactly on the original with a difference of one circumstance:

• The rug on the floor at this stage have curves in the original SNK are like networks, the reason for this difference is that I simply based on videos, as you know there is no decent image of this stage where we can fully appreciate the how to draw it from scratch.

As to what took place at this stage, I leave a list:

• the central source is separated from the main sprite and redraw the back of the source.
• Place the source deltas
• You will have animation of the source water
• You will have the central display
• Fireworks were placed disitintos
• You think the missing part of the soil
• It encouraged all the stage lights flash or
• be encouraged after the stage lights
• Place the sound of people on the stage
• Improve the colors of the stage
• other things that I can not remember ...

The stage is now ready, but yet not throw up within about a month, this along with the update of the "KOF STADIUM DAY" I've been waiting longer.

Here are a few pictures to appreciate the above

And a video here to see the animations, sorry that came out some pixels the video:

Well that's all.

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