The Bythe of the Hienas 4: The Alpha Bout WIP (Read 298 times)

Started by Mike77154, April 09, 2019, 05:10:18 am
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The Bythe of the Hienas 4: The Alpha Bout WIP
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.Hello Fellas! This is a project of the bythe of the hienas 4

In the project we are working two people, but we are looking for a spriter for making some retouches

So, first we begin with the story: In Mexico of the year 1995, a Big enterprise, dedicated to the fabrication and distribution of weapons called Calixto-Molotla Corp decides to organizate an Ilegal tournament called "The Bythe of the Hyenas" with the promise of a reward of 10,000,000 of mexican pesos for the winner, this tournament is televisated and in  this tournament you are able to kill your opponent after the semifinals

so I dont want to talk much about this game, so let me present you our progress

The Soundtrack, maded by me: Mike77154

The voice acting dubs

And the Stages maded by AVPBOY

so, the thing is that we cant made more progress because we cannot make spriting pixel art, so if somee spriter can help us, we will aprecciate it a lot
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