Finally!!!! I can rip from Chankast... but... I need help again :P (Read 3637 times)

Started by FerchogtX, November 18, 2007, 10:39:17 pm
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Finally!!!! I can rip from Chankast... but... I need help again :P
#1  November 18, 2007, 10:39:17 pm
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I know you're bored of me, but you are the only people that can help me out with this MvC2 stuff. Here my progress...

Since my last Rip-from-chankast-deseperated-post, I found how to update the offsets for a MvC2 table I got (thanks to TDS), so now it works, I can rip sprites from every char of the game, so that pleases me a lot!!!... Now I need your help for this, I saw several people that can rip some extra stuff, like Cloudius and his awesome MvC2 effects, or Mautek (PaodeMugen) and his great MvC2 sparks (HI-RES, yay!!!)...

Please guys I need your help, how do I can rip that stuff from chankast using artmoney? I really need some effects that I only have incomplete or Low res-ed (like the counter green spark and the DHC hyper spark) as well as rip again some effects that I'd like to have... I know there is a way, but I'm not too expert to do it... please people, can you help me out?

If I can be able (with your help) to rip out this stuff, I will make it public, so you can use it however you want...

Thanks in advance :P

See ya!!!! :D

P.S. If you need an easy way to get the timer offset from MvC2 I can share how I got it :P
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