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Started by BigBoss, October 05, 2007, 10:43:35 pm
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Stage Template
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Not sure if this goes here or not, but it was posted on random select by one of my random names, i thought it might go in classifieds but im not sure.

Welcome well this is basically to help those who have trouble MAKING, stages that are more then one sprite.

Things you will need?
Basic Knowledge of what fighter factory does
Have fighter factory
and Know how to use reflection, etc.

Well heres the template to start your stage

Explaination of how to add more sprites and using delta/velocity for animation such as up down side to side movements.

Im gonna use sky_battles animation for an example it uses

[do not use this for your stage this is a example]
velocity = -5,0

This should make something have a rotation motion and if you make it tiled and trans such as clouds it will move along.

Reflection is a great effect for stages that use things like a street or mario tiled floors

a decent reflection is

intensity = 200

To add a new layer you may ask or a new sprite to the stage? well thats simple at the top of fighter factory click add sprite then

put a image # and group #

now use onion skin to allign it where you want it positioned if its near the floor onion skin scroll the bar to the floors #, then allign it.

the code or script for that transition would be similar to this:

[BG stagefloors]
type  = normal
spriteno = 1 = sprite #,1 = layer #
start = 0, 226
delta = 1,1
mask = 1
tile = 1, 0
trans = none

Declude " = sprite #, and = Layer #

Now you may ask wheres the template?


Original Link:
Interactive Stage W.I.P Click Below


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