P.R.O.X.Y Project Idea (Read 2238 times)

Started by aegisynes, January 23, 2016, 02:46:16 pm
P.R.O.X.Y Project Idea
#1  January 23, 2016, 02:46:16 pm
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Hi guys, I'm relatively new to this site and I wasn't sure whether this belonged in projects or ideas? There's not enough for it to go into projects lmao(its babbys first game and most of the stuff is useless notes that only i need to know really haha)

This is actually an idea based off of my webcomic, so the designs, story and setting are all my own, I just really wanted to mess around playing them in fighters so I started working on animations and stuff for them. This will eventually be a full game project buuuut I'm the only person I know who has the time and skills to put towards it rip

Once the characters and backgrounds have been done I kind of planned to use mugen to test it before going on and making my own game so there will be test versions available to play in a few *cough* many *cough* months~

I've considering doing pixel sprites? I'm kind of doing a skullgirl and hand drawing each frame right now, pixel sprites aren't something I can work well with (I tried....I failed, don't know if I want to waste more time getting gud at them or just carry on with my current method) But here's what the current sprites look like:

and what the future animation (intro) will follow when I actually colour the other frames(aswell as notes for her weapon):

Aaaaand just a dump of other random stuff such as character art and doodles(usually I just keep completed art on my patreon but if there's any interest I could update this thread with a couple of proper images too? Idk let me know what you guys think)

Welp that's it for now, let me hear if you want me to keep it updated down the road or if you have any suggestions.
Re: P.R.O.X.Y Project Idea
#2  January 23, 2016, 03:07:58 pm
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The sprites you currently have are fine, but have a major caveat, you will be having a lot more work with them than smaller sprites. Skullgirls had a ton of people working on them to keep that sprite quality.

If you dont see any major issue working with them at that resolution then that should be fine, but its realy a lot of work to make several characters at that size . ( remember you need around 400 frames for a single character, more if they are more complex)

I wish you luck anyway, I like your drawing style, very pretty.