Ripping Soul Calibur II Characters (Read 1394 times)

Started by Odb718, April 26, 2017, 12:22:01 pm
Ripping Soul Calibur II Characters
#1  April 26, 2017, 12:22:01 pm
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I've been messing around with the Dolphin Emulator more and more. I've used it to rip Wii games' sprites. I recently found out you can not only rip textures from Gamecube games, but load them too.
The first game I thought of ripping stuff from was Soul Calibur II.
The two characters I'd be most interested in would be Talim, and Yoshimitsu. Any, and all, of them would be possible.

I still have 3 characters I'm building from ripped sprites. Roberto, Hyo, and Akira.

At this point I dont think I'd even fool myself thinking I'd get to them. But I could make a video of a character with a solid background that would make it easier for someone interested in converting them into 2D.

Is there any desire for SCII characters? The only thing I see them lacking sprite-wise would be air guard and ultra combos.
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