Some ideas for my Screenpack WIP (Read 3347 times)

Started by ShinZankuro, March 07, 2016, 03:06:57 am
Some ideas for my Screenpack WIP
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As well you guys noticed, my list for VS Style Debuts[Chars + Stages] is very big

I've wanted to make a special screenpack who can handle these and any character you want. But I want to make that more unique.

Graphically I want to give to the screenpack a SEGA & Capcom 90's gold age look. Y' know, futuristic and abstract design.

The intro I've choosed some concepts and will use a sing music by Eir Aoi called Addicted reduced for a TV-Sized.

The intro dialogue[During that, the Master Emerald starts to appear and later Tikal, possessed:

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

What I'm planning for Character Select and Main menu:

Main Menu:

Something like that:

The Character Select Screen is something like a hybrid of that screen with a more transparency[Actually stopped]

And that:

The character slots holder is something based on this screen from NGBColiseum, but with the regular square boxes and with a small size[The capacity is for at least 50/80 characters]. Regular portrait will have holder based on the cancelled CFAS game:

VS Screen is the same "white portal" from CVS1, now starting to move in a fast speed. The VS logo I already have and ripped from TVC.

For now it's the start concept. I already started to search the resources, but before all, I need your feedback for the concept. If something can be clashy or etc.

- Any suggestions for conversions? Look on my thread and have fun! :)
- Want to commission me for a artwork? Just come here
- Donations is welcome