Touka (from Aquapazza/Utawarerumono) Custom Idea (Read 1880 times)

Started by krudelu, January 28, 2017, 07:56:01 pm
Touka (from Aquapazza/Utawarerumono) Custom Idea
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Hello, First time making a post about character creation idea here.

While I'm still in progress on working on more sprite alignments and CLSNs, I might as well share some ideas regarding what will the character I'm trying to make will have and have discussion regarding the idea. I want to hear some thoughts on the idea I'm going for. I'm still trying to figure out a proper place to be able to post where I can let the people critique my sprite alignment and CLSN work.

So what will this "Custom Touka" have and not have then?

What she won't have:
-Emotion high/low

What she'll have and retain:
-Most (if not all but I'll shoot for "all") of her moves from the source (Aquapazza)
-5 Power Bars just like the source
-Splash Art will still cost 3 Power bar with a requirement of the player needing to be at half health
-Heavy Smash and Resist Smash


EX Moves
This would be somewhat similar to the EX moves like SF that everyone knows. Here are the stuff I wanted to implement for this:
-Certain EX moves may be chained to certain moves that normally cannot be chained into specials and supers
-This will cost half a Power bar
-EX version of that special move will have enhanced properties to it.
-The "Emotion High" version of the Supers from the source will be now considered as EX version of Supers. It will have slightly increased damage compared to the source but using the EX version of the Super will cost additional half of the power bar on the top of using up the initial 1 power bar, meaning that the total cost would be 1 1/2 bar.
-Ex Moves can be chained from specials

Super Canceling
Pretty straightforward. Basically it's cancelling certain specials to super. Here are some possible super cancels that I have in mind:
-Special > Super
-Super > Splash Art

-Splash Art will get a slight increase compared to the source
-Maybe some property changes on certain moves on hit (most likely not but we'll see...).

So what would be the button layout?
Basically she's going to be four buttons but the D button will be replaced as a shortcut for the B+C from the source since she won't have an assist. So the layout would be like this:

A = Light Attack
B = Medium Attack
C = Heavy Attack
D = Heavy Smash (B+C in source)

As for the commands for the moves, moves will retain the motions except maybe for the Splash Art. I'll consider the changeable setting for changing the command for Splash Art.

Given the things she gets to keep and the things that got replaced by, what kind of gameplay would she have?
What I'm trying to go for is to make the "individual" stay strong even though losing the Assist system that it had from the source while keeping her playstyle, which is most likely space oriented. Also, despite the new mechanic I'm trying to replace Assist system with, I'm also trying to keep the footsie gameplay focus. As for the implementation of the new mechanics, this also add the ability to do more combos outside of the assists.

This is just the idea I'm thinking of implementing to the "Custom Touka" I'm trying to make. Feel free to discuss about this and maybe we can talk it out or something  ;D