Yet another Capcom Vs. Snk (Read 2445 times)

Started by 2Dee4ever, January 13, 2016, 01:51:08 am
Yet another Capcom Vs. Snk
#1  January 13, 2016, 01:51:08 am
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Does anyone want to help me make this a thing? I honestly have no plans to really focus on it as much, but there has been a lot of demand for it. Just my personal "mugen" edit of the old version of the CVS3 SP. People have been contacting me like crazy & I kind of want to give them something seeing as my own project won't be done for a whileee & I use IKEMEN not mugen.. I can help with characters exclusively for this, but not interested in the sp, ports, etc side of things. As you can see I did a lazy job on some of the new ones :p Regardless of what some may think I am incredibly knowledgeable about everything Capcom & Snk. I've seen everything movie, have every game, etc. I'm sure I could be of use somehow.

I know there are other projects out there, but none that are more than just that.. A sp. I don't care what sp you use really. Can't say I'm a big fan of what I've seen & want to go a different route. I don't frequently use "mugen" anymore, but pm or post here if interested & we can make something out of it. Basically offering to take some of the workload. If you could actually take the time to watch them individually.

Can you believe it.. I started with this.. lol This is what started it all!
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Then I began to learn more.. (I kinda went ham this play-through though LMFAO!) *OAN.. QuickFist & Infinite your characters priority though.. LOL
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Than that became this...(This video is currently blowing up)
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And what we have now..
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As you can see.. Progress each time, but at the same time it's not as though I was really trying to do anything extraordinary. Imagine if we tried as a community. Just an Idizzle haha