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Started by 1nfrnus, January 20, 2009, 06:35:23 pm
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Yeah you read it right....i am just curious...what do your flags stand for?
My country's flag Pakistan symbolizes:
1-The dark green represents Muslims majority and white represents the minorities...(Christians...Hindus....Sikhs....)
2- the Crescent indicates continuous progress
3-the Star sumbolizes light and learning
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green symbolizes money
white symbolizes innocence
red symbolizes communism... hey no, wait, wtf?!
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The sphere on ours symbolizes like a hundred different things, topic can't handle it!
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Wikipedia said:
The national flag of France (known in French as drapeau tricolore, drapeau français,and in military parlance, les couleurs) is a tricolour featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red.

It is known to English speakers as the French tricolour or simply, the tricolour. It was used during the Revolution and has since become a symbol of liberty around the world. Other nations have also adopted the design. Because France has no arms, the Tricolore is also the national emblem. The colours represent those of Paris (blue and red), combined with that of the Bourbon Dynasty (white), though they are usually associated with liberty, equality, and fraternity, the ideals of the French Revolution.
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Green: Hope / White: Unity / Red: Blood of heroes (lots of wars)
Believe me when I tell you, we've seen our share of wars. Even our national anthem is about war. The bloodshed had been too great, Mexicans decided never to engage in one again - that's why we're a peace loving nation now :)

Coat of Arms is based on a fulfilled prophecy of the Pre-hispanic tribes:
They were to establish where they found an eagle on a cactus, devouring a snake


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there is two acknowledged meanings for the colors

1) the curent flag is based on the old imperial flag (when Brazil was a monarchy) so the green represents the House of Braganza (the family of the Emperor Pedro I, known in portugal as Pedro VI) and the yellow rhombus the House of Habsburg (the family of Empress Leopoldina, Pedro I's wife). the Blue and White circle is  suposed to be the position of the stars in Rio de Janeiro during the Proclamation of the Republic.

2) this second meaning was coined during one of Brazil's dictartoships (I don't know which): Green represent Brazil's forests. Yellow our Riches and Gold (which every history teacher adds: Gold that was taken away by England). Blue our sky and White, peace.

each star represents a brazilian state and the Federal District (in both meanings).

Spoiler: just a fun fact about the flag i'd like to share. (click to see content)

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Overflag...but whatever.
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Our flag symbolizes that we want to be like the italian guys but have pet eagles as well... and nopales.

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Top left corner is the Union Jack, because we're still a member of the British Empire
Bottom left is the Federation Star, with one point for each of our seven states and territories.
Right hand side is the Crux Australis, a constellation only visible from the southern hemisphere
And it's blue because we're an island nation, water all around.
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