Mugen Virgin (Read 2745 times)

Started by Princess Chubba Wubba, December 15, 2007, 04:27:20 am
Mugen Virgin
#1  December 15, 2007, 04:27:20 am
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Well heres my delema. I'm a "Mugen virgin" (see how I used the title in the contex!) anywho, I keep having the thoughts of my creation not being good enough, or getting oh so far.. but thinking its all poopie and starting all from square one. The term I keep hearing is you have to start from somewhere... I'm aiming for a Monalisa and all I'm capabile of is a finger panting! (Bad anlagy, sorry)

I was wondering your peeps thoughts on it.. I can't find a definite point behinde it really...

I guess what I'm asking is when you start out, how can you know when somethings plausible
 or not?

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Re: Mugen Virgin
#2  December 15, 2007, 05:09:33 am
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Don't aim so high. Go for perfect in what you KNOW works. Once the stuff you know works perfectly, your requirement is met and you can try doing more complex stuff, not only that, you will have learnt more about how mugen works before doing anything complicated.

In my first character my idea of complex was a move that shot a projectile up or down dependant on where p2 was. It changed as time went by but i wasn't aiming for difficulty right off the bat. You shouldn't either.

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Re: Mugen Virgin
#3  December 15, 2007, 05:34:04 am
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I think novelty of concept is weighted more that implemetation; look at Ryanide's Maxine.

I'm aiming for a Monalisa and all I'm capabile of is a finger panting! (Bad anlagy, sorry)

To extend your analogy: a Jackson Pollock is fine too; it doesnt have to be a da Vinci.

i think we should call it an "engine" so we don't look like total idiots because otherwise we'd be arguing about a "game" and that would be somehow "dumber" than arguing about an "engine" on the "internet" for countless hours

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