Ozreyal Sayntos; The Maverick of Death is coming! (Read 1958 times)

Started by The Maverick of Death, January 10, 2008, 05:24:09 pm
Ozreyal Sayntos; The Maverick of Death is coming!
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Before anyone asks no pics yet, I am creating a character who is based off a couple of stories I did in high school.  Here's how it goes:


20 years ago a young man give his soul to the devil so that the sins of his family will be absolved, but instead of changing their lives they only got worse.  They felt since they were forgiven for what they have done they can continue to destroy their lives.  Ozreyal feeling betreyed decides to hunt to them down to save his own soul. 

The Concept:

I plan on using Ralf Jones as my base to make Ozreyal.

I would like for him to have special intros with three characters.  Rare Akuma(P.O.T.S), CVS Geese Howard(Warusaki3), and Morrigan(P.O.T.S).  I would like permission to do this if I need it.

He will be voiced by me and I will actually be hand drawing him before I sprite and those pics will be posted as soon as they are done. 

as for other tidbits, he will have a intro that has him transform in the Maverick of Death.  I'm hoping for his completion by summer.  College is a killer; when I make time from it and Judo , I will work on him.  if anyone wants some more details or has some ideas just let me kow.

I'm just too damn busy with college for RIOT Control.

R.I.P Reu-  You will be missed but never forgotten!
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Re: Ozreyal Sayntos; The Maverick of Death is coming!
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thats pretty bizzare