Sonic the Fighters Lifebars Release!! (Read 4295 times)

Started by TheArcadeStriker, May 06, 2018, 05:09:54 am
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Sonic the Fighters Lifebars Release!!
#1  May 06, 2018, 05:09:54 am
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Sonic the Fighters Lifebars by TheArcadeStriker, The 14th Doctor and Tiniest Turtles
MUGEN 1.0/1.1 compatible
-Single, Simul and Team lifebars and portrait boxes
-Combo counter
-Round, K.O., and win/draw animations
-Custom-made (based on lifebars) Superbar

-The 14th Doctor: Original Sonic the Fighters lifebar project creator, coding, superbar fill sprite
-Tiniest Turtles: Original Sonic the Fighters lifear project contributor, main lifebar and name font resources
-TheArcadeStriker: New Sonic the Fighters lifebar project creator, coding, font, superbar, portraits and combo counter implementation; time font, winner, new K.O. animation resources; custom resources

Special thanks to:
-Oliver as Latias and everyone in his Discord group for feedback
-PNat is Dead
-MUGEN Fighters Guild
-a certain place that can't be mentioned here (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
-Everyone I have met in Discord servers

If you wonder why you may be seeing this again, it's since I had posted it in the wrong place before (Found Releases) :P
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Re: Sonic the Fighters Lifebars Release!!
#2  May 10, 2018, 11:43:28 pm
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Amazing work dude, Good Job!

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