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SndPan (SCTRL)
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Changes the panning of a currently playing sound. This controller may be continually triggered to smoothly move a sound across the sound field or to have a sound follow the player.

Required parameters:
channel = chan_no (int)
Specifies the channel number of the sound to pan.

pan = p OR abspan = p (int)
These parameters cannot both be specified at the same time. p determines the sound offset in pixels from the player (in the case of pan) or from the center of the screen (in the case of abspan). See PlaySnd for a description of the panning parameters.

Optional parameters:

;Fighter Factory 3
[State 0, SndPan]
type = SndPan
trigger1 =
channel = 1
abspan =  160        ;pan = 50
;ignorehitpause =
;persistent =

Related Triggers: 
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