Deviantart /Game-Art-HQ Boss Tribute Art Collab (Read 983 times)

Started by "Bad News" Hoffmann, February 03, 2016, 07:39:26 pm
Deviantart /Game-Art-HQ Boss Tribute Art Collab
#1  February 03, 2016, 07:39:26 pm
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Back in November 2011 I organized the first art collaboration for my website game-art-hq on dA, it was an art tribute about around 20 fighting game boss characters and it was quite the success with around 50 artists being involved and artworks like

made for it. I called it the Fighting Game Boss Tribute Round I and well, was working on something realted to Gill today and thought it would be a cool idea to finally start a second round now after almost 5 years.

The idea is the same as back in 2011. Around 20 bosses can be claimed by up to four artists each one. They are 20 different bosses this time, so no really popular guys like M.Bison or Shao Kahn are around.

I am organizing art collabs via my groups on dA you can see which bosses are available this time and how many spots for them are left. The artworks will be featured on my site game-art-hq as well, of course including the full credits for you and a link to your dA profile or another website you prefer.

I would be super happy about a couple of sprite based submissions. There will most likely be 30-50 drawn or painted submissions, a few sprite arts among them would be a nice change.

Past Art Collaborations by me/us were featured on bigger websites like Destructoid, Game-Informer and yeah..on fucking Kotaku too. In short, the submissions will most likely be seen by a lot of people. If you like the idea behind this project, don't hesitate and reply either here or in the journal on dA