Fan Art Projects, organized by GBK Thread (Read 2719 times)

Started by "Bad News" Hoffmann, July 20, 2012, 01:04:48 pm
Fan Art Projects, organized by GBK Thread
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In the past i made threads for each art project / tribute. One thread for all might be the better solution.

Description: What are these?

Similar to the Videogamemusicremixalbums you can download for free at OverclockedRemix, these are tributes to the favourite videogame series and characters. A few of the Tribute ideas are from myself, but more than the half are coming trough polls on Deviantart and my own website game art hq.

The projects have the target to give the artists the opportunity to show their ddedication and skills to a broader audience than just deviantart, past projects like the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat Tributes have been promoted by Eventhubs, and Capcom-unity. The last published one, the Kirby Anniversary tribute has been promoted by the biggest kirby fan site, the Rainbow Resort. The MK Tribute was visited by over 77k unique visitors on Game Art HQ so far.

These tributes are uncommercial and wont be printed or something, their purpose is to be enjoyed by both the artists and the fans. The ads on game art hq do not even cover the servercosts.

A handful MFG members joined the tributes so far, a special thanks goes to Senorfro and Thedge. While these art tributes are mainly for drawn or painted art, i would love to have Spriteart being featured in them as well. So if you are a artist and want to join

Here is whats currently in the works or is coming up in the next months:

Killer Instinct Tribute - Currently around 40 artists. About KI 1&2, on the image above you see Gargos, the boss of KI 2, drawn by namethegame
I didnt set up a specific number of artists for this one, if you are a KI fan, you can still claim a KI character or Fight/Group Scene.

The Mortal Kombat Tribute
This is the currently biggest tribute, over 140 artists participated in it already and submitted entries for just all playable MK characters and a few of the only rumored ones as well. This project got enlarged in june with the goal to get also all the different characterdesigns drawn. 79 more artists are needed to finish this tribute, there is the iron rule that every artist can only submit one entry.

Link`s Blacklist
This is a tribute to all the enemies and boss characters of the whole Zelda series from the classic Legend of Zelda up to Zelda Skyward Sword.
53 artists are signed up for this, 7 more can enter. Every artist can claim up to two entries. Over 20 have been submitted already, i am for a october completition of this project.

Final Fantasy I - 25th Anniversary Tribute
This is all about the first Final Fantasy. There are no spots left for this one, it will be published in December 2012. Drawn are FF I characters, but also a handful entries with elements of the whole series.

Castlevania Tribute
About the whole Castlevania Series. Over 30 artists signed up for this tribute which gets also published in December 2012. Like the Killer Instinct tribute, you can still participate if you have an Idea. You can see what the signed up artists draw here.

Megaman 25th Anniversary Tribute. I would be damned if i wouldnt make one.
Like the Final Fantasy one, its all about the first Mega Man game. I will most likely work together with capcom on this one, more details in September.

Somewhen in October there will also be a project about classic beat em ups like Battletoads, Turtles in Time, Double Dragon and more.

If you are an artist and these Art tributes interest you, feel free to contact me

Previous tributes can be seen here:

Street Fighter Tribute
Kirby 20th Anniversary
Fighting Game Bosses Tribute
Toshinden I Tribute
MK Tribute currently WIP