SF3 spriting made easy (Read 1677 times)

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SF3 spriting made easy
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This is for those who want to try sf3 spriting but doesn't have the confident, I'm sharing my palette sheet for those who want to try it.

All the palette are official from the original sprite, they are not custom palette. I reduced the heavy amount of palette to 8 tone for each shade of color, this is my method of making sf3 sprite. Think of these palette as a base guide.

Once you are confident enough you can just add more tone on top of it to make certain area brighter or darker.

any color that was a close value next to each other i cancel out one of them, that's my palette reduction method for the palette sheet.

as you can see from  necro example, you couldn't tell the difference on his skin tone if the original sprite wasn't there to compare.

Download full character pal sheet at

here are some of my sprite that i use from the pal sheet.
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Re: SF3 spriting made easy
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Thanks for this. It looks like very valuable input.

I will be checking this out shortly.
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Re: SF3 spriting made easy
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Great!  ;D

Saves a bunch of times using this layout! Thanks for this a bunch! It took some time to get this order! ;)

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Re: SF3 spriting made easy
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this is actually pretty cool, I´ll surely test some of those colors in some palettes


Re: SF3 spriting made easy
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This is pretty damn useful for palettes actually. Thanks.
Re: SF3 spriting made easy
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this might get me to attempt one again.thank you.
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Good stuff. I've been trying to sprite the computer's from Sonic for a while and haven't had much luck
Re: SF3 spriting made easy
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yeah thats one of my biggest problem. color. I take a lot of time trying to get colors right on my first sprites. good stuff here.
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