Creating characters in bmp/png fomat / Scaling characters in shugendo (Read 10098 times)

Started by MagnetoPro, June 25, 2009, 05:45:39 pm
Creating characters in bmp/png fomat / Scaling characters in shugendo
#1  June 25, 2009, 05:45:39 pm
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Hey sakir,

In this build does shugenDo supports bmp and png images? If so what character making program do I use, because FFU don't support bmp or png images.

One more question. I heard shugendo stages are 1280×1024, so the character I made 490x500.  Well this how it looks in FFU is 3 times as big as the regular mugen background as you can see. So what I'm trying to figure out is how to put shugendo background into FFU as default,that way the backgroung picture can be lager up to 1280x1024 that way I can know where my characters stands on the stage.

Thats how it looks. See I dont want to downsize the character because it will began to look worst. I want to keep it upscale for shugendo. There must be a way to scale the character to fit in shugendo in one of the note pads in the data folder?  ??? ???

sakir I guess what I'm trying to ask you whats the progress of getting FFU to work with shugendo. Maybe you might not feel like explaining the proper steps to getting this to work. But I think it will be a good idea that way I can test it out and give you a update if it's fulling functioning or not.

Also heres another thing I'm trying to figure out, I'm trying to figure out how to how to test my character in shugendo training more by default in FFU. Could you show the proper way to get this to work. This how I tried to do it, by taking shugendo exe and placing it in winmugen slot. Then we I go to test character it goes straight to shugendo main menu mode and the character is not even in shugendo.

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Re: Creating characters in bmp/png fomat / Scaling characters in shugendo
#2  June 26, 2009, 09:28:12 pm
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Mugen , ShugenDo and FFU are separate programs and do not in cooperate in anyways with each other.
I can't change anything on FFU. The guys behind FFU can do that.

In the current bate png files are not enabled yet but will be in the feature.

Btw using ShugenDo with FFU should work.
There is only one change you have to make in the param list.

currently you list look like this
%c0 %c0
change it to
%c0 %c0 stage0

This will load ShugenDo with your char and stage0  in trainingmode.

Here you can find ShugenDo