ShugenDo Beta 350 is out (Read 13357 times)

Started by SakirSoft, October 31, 2009, 02:15:52 pm
ShugenDo Beta 350 is out
#1  October 31, 2009, 02:15:52 pm
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sakirsoft date=1256994335 said:
Today i compiled and released a fresh beta of ShugenDo.
Here the changelog.

Go and grap it on the main site.

-screen pack update
-better detection of image file types
-BackEdgeDist and BackEdgeBodyDist are the same in mugen
-better sff detection
-AbsCoord explods fixed
-fixed TargetId handling
-chars always get into state 5900 at the beginning of each round
-BindToParent and BindToRoot controller are handling the facing param correct now
-fixed power data reading in def file
-fixed crash in ChangeAnim2
-add mugen compatibility bug for strange disabling of the push behavior
-fixed HitDef vel set when entering p2 in a custom state
-add BindToTarget controller
-Turn controller imidiatly takes effect to values which are depending on the face direction of the player
-removed static sound panning
-when clsn2 boxes are not defined skip pushing behavior
Here you can find ShugenDo
Re: ShugenDo Beta 350 is out
New #2  October 31, 2009, 06:34:45 pm
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  • Hello ^_^... I visit MUGEN sometimes :P
Hooray ! Time for more testing  ;D ! Thanks for the release !!!

EDIT : After playing around , I noticed that some of the bugs I listed about SLII Akuma still exist , Supers having problems , etc. I also found a new bug a long the process but I think the bug would of also been in the early build as well .

However some of the stuff like you said had been fixed :) Great job on that ! Also I did found something very neat that ShugenDo had that the MUGEN version had problems , and that is doing moves while going to the other side of the opponent . In MUGEN if I were on the left side and if I wanted to jump over the opponent and input the super while I was in the air after I crossed him up , I would have to press the movements on where I first jumped ALL the time ( It should be QCB QCB Punch but in Mugen I had to press QCF QCF Punch instead ) . Your version , ShugenDo , has movements like a real fighting game and for that example above , the movements will change , just like any other SF game  :D .
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